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  1. Taka you had my laughing so much when you said the "dreamy" Rock star time line and about being old hahaha you have great humor! awwwwww ^^ "After all, that's why I named this band "Imari Tones". It's all about your personal love. (Well, if you still don't know why it was named like this, please check our history page on our website….)" ~(^o^)~ That's so cute! (haha I am for sure a sucker for this kinda stuff X3)
    Taka I am happy to call you Otosan because you are wise like I would imagine a dad to be <(^_^)>
    To follow what God want you to do is to go against the world. That is the true life to those who are truly faithful to God. keep Fighting Imari Tones! Ganbatte!!!

  2. I just found your blog and your music, and I was so excited to find a Japanese Christian rock band! I can't believe it! I am a Christian, and I lived in Japan for a few years. I love Japan, and want to figure out how to bring glory to Christ and help more people know Him in Japan (and around the world). Anyway, I just started a blog about Christianity in Japan ( Would it be okay to interview you guys sometime? It's just a tiny blog, but I am going to link to some of your music! (you can email me at echoflight At
    May God bless you as you follow him!

  3. Sean Dorsey

    I’m your brother from America. I enjoy following you guys on YouTube. Unfortunately, I discovered your Indiegogo too late. Do you guys have Patreon?

    Keep singing and rocking. I’ll meet you in Heaven if not before…

    Sean ??

    • Tone

      Hi Sean, thank you very much. We are glad you found us. We hope you enjoy our music. We don’t have Patreon at this point but we are thinking about doing it in a future when the time is right. Yes we will keep rocking for our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for the encouraging words and God bless you! (^^) -Tak

  4. David S

    Hi Tak. change happens and 10 years is longer than many in the mainstream. I trust and pray that you will have the right door open. I too am not worried about an album in Japanese. The ears and soul enjoy music in any language. You know that I shall be ordering a cd of Overture when it is available. Best wishes and support to you brother. May Jake and Hussy find their next direction too. Looking forward to seeing what comes next and watching that journey down the road to Nabeshima.

    • Tone

      Hi David, thank you for your encouraging words. Also thank you for praying for Hassy&Jake. They did their best and I’m thankful for them. I hope I can find the right way, right place and right persons to accomplish my musical mission for God. I’m hoping that you will like the Overture album. Thank you and God bless you(^^) -Tak

  5. David S

    This looks interesting. I am trying hard not to read too much into this photo. I look forward to seeing what happens and trust that great things will happen in the future. Still praying for you brother. Continuing interest and support. Looking forward to Overture and what is to follow.

    • Tone

      Hi David, thanks for the comment. It was 2nd rehearsal with this “new lineup” preparing behind the curtain. Girl bassist and older drummer, this may look a bit strange to some people. But this drummer used to play in some notable Japanese metal bands back in 1980’s (I don’t name those names yet). The bassist, if you know our side project “Jesus Mode” or even our history you may know who she is. I believe this will be the best version of Imari Tones, if things work out. Thank you very much for your prayer.

  6. David S

    Hi Tak, whilst this is a sneak photo, you have at least partly confirmed my suspicion. I was wondering about a bit of “Jesus Mode” being there. I trust that all works out for you, indeed, for you all. I am watching this space and looking forward to seeing, and hearing, what happens.

  7. yeah Stryper was my first Christian band too…THWTD was the first record of theirs I bought and Overall the best from their 80s era….for COMBINATION of Music,production,lyrics,art…listen up, has you and your wife really checked out BLOODGOOD?I prefer them above all other 80s metal bands.Such great Music(more like classic heavy metal than Stryper) and so theatrical.such a sense of stage presence and brotherhood too.anyways God bless you and your wife.Old cliche i know but keep rockin’for the Rock.

    • Tone

      Hi Jon! It’s funny we have never listened to Bloodgood. Now I’m listening some of their songs on YouTube. Yes we will keep on “Rocking for the Rock”!! Thank you! -Tak

  8. I hope you guys Play europe soon ,somewhere In Switzerland or Germany or Italy perhaps….have you thought of contacting Elements of Rock’s organizers?It is an annual Christian(or mostly Christian bands) Multi band concert Festival in Uster near Zurich.Pastor Bob Beeman(Sanctuary International) usually attends and talks.There are teaching seminars and other goodies too like band members giving testimonies.Would be cool if you can get over here and Play there soon.

    • Tone

      Hi thanks Jon! We seriously want to play more gigs. We are doing all the things in order to make it happen. Hopefully in “a couple of years” we can go touring in many countries including Europe. Thanks for the information about Elements of Rock! We will try and contact them when we are ready.-Tak

  9. David S

    This is a hard question in some ways. As you well know I am a bit old and don’t “do” digital or streaming, so for me personally, bandcamp works well. Obviously though, you need to be able to reach as many people as you can and I know that many people don’t get physical music products any more. The main thing for me, is for you being an indie band, is to get as much of the funds that you can and not be bled of any profit. I know that you already know that there is at least one order of a cd of Overture waiting for when it is available. Some of us are still old school, but it works for me.

    • Tone

      Hi David, thank you for the comment. There are so many ways to listen to music nowadays. I use Spotify sometimes but honestly I feel more comfortable when I buy the real product or at least digital download. That is probably because I listen to those albums repeatedly, again and again in my life. As an indie band, getting our music available everywhere possible probably is the way to go. But I still wonder and yes it’s a hard question. At least I know people like you, yes and thank you, still want physical product and we love it too. (For an indie band in Japan, making vinyl is not a realistic choice, so…) We hope you will like “Overture” album!

  10. Pat

    こんにちは!Wow! Wishing you all the best for the future! I hope Imari Tones will be back in its former glory one day. Keep on rocking. Wishing you all the best – a long-time-fan from Germany.


    • Tone

      Hi Pat, thank you for the comment. We are now preparing with the new line up. It takes time but hopefully we can bring you the best version of Imari Tones, with the ultimate Japanese Christian metal. Thank you very much for the support! どうもありがとう!!

  11. Gerd

    Bacchus guitars are awesome…like any guitar made in Japan since 1975, with quality ever-increasing and always stunning attention to detail. There are guitars for any budget and each of them is the best it could be. For any serious and knowledgable guitar connoisseur, Japan is heaven. So many brands and models, variations and colors, playful new concepts, dead-on vintage replica guitars, professional, innovative…it boggles the mind.

    If you spend the money you’d pay for one of the better US made guitars, you get a Crews Maniac Sound, Moon, Sonic, VanZandt…to name a few , and they are so much better than anything you could buy in the USA for that price. They are in fact at least as good as the extremely pricy “Masterbuilt”-level Custom Shop guitars ($7000+) while costing less than the (actually mass-produced) entry-level Custom Shop guitars. But their price is not the point. It’s… let me quote you:

    “Japanese spirit.
    Japanese dedication.
    Discipline and dedication.”

    …that makes them particulary valuable instruments. Yes, Japanese luthiers have to compete in the market too and they are more than capable of it, even mass-produced Japanese guitars are mindblowingly well-made. But if the price allows the makers to dedicate more time to do all the extra steps that sets a luthier-made guitar apart from mass production, if they are given the time to show what skills they really have, you will get something that is much, much more than the sum of its parts.

    Even more, they do it quietly in the background, they often don’t advertize much and for sure they don’t sell very expensive illusions like “brand-awareness” (like said US custom shops basically selling the same mediocre mass-production guitars for twice the price just because it has a color that’s not in the regular catalog, and get away with it because it says “Fender” or “Gibson” on the headstock). You only pay for the true craftmanship, skills, a deep knowledge of the matter and the resulting flawless quality. I admire that endlessly.

    I know that – even in Japan – there are not many people who can truly appreciate these extraordinary human and technical qualities (otherwise Fender and Gibson couldn’t sell a single guitar in Japan) but I sure can appreciate them, which is a gift in itself. In other words, my Japanese guitars make me very, very happy every day, just because they are what they are, honest and true, masterfully built guitars, made by wonderful people.


    • Andrew Smith

      I just picked up a les paul copy ladt weekend that says deviser on it. Bought it brand new for 125. It plays and sounds amazing for the price. I had never heard the name before last weekend. I am one happy man

    • Bob

      The Japanese guy said he was in a Christian band which is rare in Japan.. I wonder what a Buddhist band sounds like that sings about Buddhism..
      Maybe I could start that in America and it will become the next big thing!

      • Tone

        Hi Bob, thanks. Haha, that might be interesting. But if you study it, Buddhism is more like a philosophy. Somewhere between physics and psychology. In reality I think many artists have been influenced by Buddhism notions and ideas. But yes, you can always use those ethnic instruments and chants from Japan and other Buddhism nations. I will say good luck 😉

  12. Hey,don’t worry about making Nabeshima.God will pull you through.He will always write the music and lyrics through you as He’s done for all these years,however technical the album may be,just as sure as He’ll never leave or forsake any of us.I too have 28 more songs to write and even choosing the subject matters for each (from hundreds of refs in the bible), is VERY intense work.That’s just for lyrics,then there’s the music sheets to prepare.All before mid May 2021.And I’m still all alone in this in human terms.But,as Stryper said in the credits of Soldiers Under Command,they knew God would pull it off.Blessings dear bro!

    • Tone

      Hi Jon, thank you for the comment! You’re right. I’m totally weak but God is strong and He gives me strength. We are already working on it. Drums and bass tracks already done. Now preparing for the guitar recordings. It’s tough. But I’m praying. Thank you for the encouragement. Blessings to you!

  13. Anderson Ramalho

    God Gave Rock’n Roll to you is a song from Petra, they gave it as a gift to Gene Simmons who was a big friend of the band at the time, did you know that?

    • Tone

      Hi Anderson-kun. I love the Petra version, too. I think it’s originally a song written by a British band called Argent (I just checked the Wikipedia). But I didn’t know Petra and Gene Simmons were friends! That’s a surprise!

  14. We are entering a time of great division, when abundance becomes scarcity and people turn on each other instead of turning to God. Many are trying to resolve issues through carnal means, instead of first addressing their eternal fate through the blood of Jesus Christ. When empowered by the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth, then we can be light in a dark world. Thank you for your music, your witness, and your glorification of God through the talents and resources He’s granted you in this life. Keep on rocking!

    God bless and guide you through the difficult choices you have ahead. ^_^

    • Tone

      Hi chronoblip. Thank you very much for your encouraging words and I appreciate your comment about the spiritual truth! Yes we keep on rocking! God bless you~!! (^^)

  15. Paul

    I agree that Even the Devil Believes may be Stryper’s best album. If I could only have two Stryper albums the other one would be Second Coming because it is a like a greatest hits of their old material, reproduced for best sound and still with Tim Gaines. I really miss Gaines. I also really love Oz Fox and so Against the Law is an important album especially after I heard he was the dominant guitar on that album. Greatest band ever, Stryper. I can’t even listen to other “Christian” rock bands because none satisfy like Stryper.

    • Tone

      Hi Paul, thanks for the comment. We have a great respect for Stryper. I personally didn’t like the musical/sound direction of last couple of albums but with this Even The Devil Believes they achieved something great musically. So I think it was very very worth it. Yes I too actually loved their “The Covering/Second Coming” era. Actually I liked “Murder by Pride” too. And I agree that Against The Law is a great album. Maybe not great but definitely very good. I really hope and pray they rock on. Oz Fox health protected by God I hope and pray and also Tim Gaines success for his band and projects we pray. Thank you and God bless you!! (Tak)

    • Jon Lockett

      My reply to Paul….
      How do you feel about Bloodgood?For me I think they are the best of the 80s Christian “hair metal era” bands.Not just musically but with all their theatrical Talent,passion,and energy too.Ever watched Alive in America and Shakin’ the World?So anointed,as well as exciting and entertaining,yet also down to earth and with Music and imagery and acting that just about any secular Person can relate to.I LOVE Bloodgood,except I wish they’d put out new Albums much more regularly.

  16. Jon Lockett

    I love every word of this description of faith in Christ and how to use Rocknroll and Heavy Metal for Him and His kingdom.I have exactly the same Goal and Mission in my life.I hope Tone’s description of their Mission stays here as Long as possible.I got to get a print-out of it!

  17. Jon Lockett

    I may as well use this opportunity to also tell you all my main band Name is called Aqaba Gulf.It is.Melodic Heavy Metal and Power Metal.I have a Special interest in Japan and her People,although I am a UK ex-patriate living in Switzerland at present.

  18. Jon Lockett

    A happy day for the band and fans alike.I really look Forward to buying this double Album.I too love Metal that sounds exotic and takes listeners back in time to past centuries.I try to write my Songs to achieve that.Especially with Mid Eastern vibes to further help bring the Bible and its stories more alive.But I’m very open too to Far Eastern influences in Metal Music.Sounds like you may have captured all that with this new release!

    • Tone

      Thank you, Jon! It’s very cool to have Middle Eastern influence and other exotic/tribal musical essence in metal music. I think every musician has to look for his/her roots. And I believe everyone every musician has his/her own style to praise God!^^

  19. Kay

    Hi! Could I get the list of this songs in English? My 10 year old has decided she would prefer to listen to worship in Japanese but I want to move sure it is in fact christian. Thank you!

    • Tone

      That is a difficult question. Maybe the fastest way is study Japanese and understand the songs for yourself. But many of the artists in this list are established Christian/Gospel artists in Japanese Christian community. Thank you very much!!

  20. soufian

    this whole post really touched me, as someone who has been listening to suede her whole life (albeit, 14 year long life…)
    i used to consider ‘coming up’ suede’s best album, as it was the first song my uncle actually worked on, so i felt more connected to it. and my mum played it more…
    but now i actually focus more on the lyrics and the meanings behind the songs, i totally agree with you in that dog man star is their best – or most prolific – album.

    sorry if this disappoints you in any way, but i’m not a christian (i was raised catholic if that counts…), so i won’t be able to understand your point of view in terms of religious imagery in their music, but i think you made an incredible analysis of their songs directed towards the unloved and unappreciated ..

    10/10 post ^^ i will check out your band 🙂

    • Tone

      Hi soufian, thank you for the very nice comment. I’m just a suede fan who happens to be a Christian. So you don’t have to listen to their song from Christianity point of view. But to us Japanese, many of the songs by “Western” artists sound like they are based on Christian culture. Just like Japanese pop culture is more or less based on Buddhist culture. Suede has been soundtrack for my life and their music has been always close to me. I’m sure their music will be a life long treasure for you, too. (And it looks like you have a great uncle!)

  21. Kat

    thanks a lot for this! I never knew there were so many great Japanese Christian music, I didn’t know how else to find them. I discovered another, JPCC Worship, although they also have Christian songs in multiple languages 😀

    • Tone

      Thank you very much! I’m glad you liked the list. There are so many great musicians. I know I have to update the playlist once in a while. I’m aware of JPCC Worship, because I saw them in a conference a couple of years ago. I think they are a worship music group from Indonesia and they are doing some collaborations with a Japanese church. It’s difficult to draw a line but for this playlist I don’t include church worship groups, mainly because there are so many and I want to give spotlight to individual musicians.

  22. Jon Lockett

    I love this Video all through!!I really enjoy the detailed descriptions,Humor,honesty,and Christian love vibe.Nice acoustic Performance too.Ha,the cigar!I remember Smoking one when I was 16.Thinking to look like George Peppard in The A Team .BUT nobody had told me not to inhale.I thought it was right to inhale the smoke like a cigarette.I did,and began to feel terrible.Broke out in a horrible cold sweat and thought I was gonna throw up!Thankfully I controlled it and got home okay to the hostel.Oh one of those unforgettable things you learn as a Teenager!Thanks for this great Video.

    • Tone

      Hi Jon, thank you very much! I’m glad you liked the video. I’m glad you mentioned the cigar. We all have these funny and ridiculous stories from our younger days. I guess that’s how you learn what is good and what is not for you. We are going to release another video for another ballad song soon. Keep on rocking!! For Jesus!!

  23. Jon Lockett

    I just saw this here on your site(My browser’s out of date so I can’t Access normal YouTube).Love the song,the choreography,the scenery.Looks like spring has really sprung in Japan.A beautiful location indeed.I already know the following song as an opening to another song
    Sakura,sakura/Yayoi no sora wa/Miwatasu kagiri
    So the cherry blossoms in Japan may be well known outside of it too.

    • Tone

      Hi Jon, thank you. It’s Sakura season in Japan and we had to make this video. We were blessed by weather and location as well as beautiful country side nature. Yes that’s very familiar “Sakura Sakura” song. Maybe it’s Bon Jovi song you are referring to? I think Tokyo Road opening part had this. It’s great you know about Japanese Sakura!(^^)

  24. Jon Lockett

    Yes Tone ,it was from the opening of Tokyo Road one of the (musically) best Bon Jovi songs ever.Due to the nature of some of that song’s lyrics I used to think the Japanese words were something sexual or seductive,but was pleasantly surprised to eventually find out it was like an innocent folk song.The voice of the girl sounds seductive but that seems to be just how Japanese girls’ voices sound sometimes when they sing.Even the singer of Fate Gear sounds the same when she sings more softly.I love that sound and vibe.

    • Tone

      Yes that song “Sakura Sakura” is one of the most famous Japanese traditional songs. It’s cool Bon Jovi used that song, even if only partly. But you know, heavy metal song lyrics from 1980’s…they are often very bad. Still that “7800F” is one of my favorite Bon Jovi albums. If talking about “Tokyo/Japan” songs by hard rock bands, I think Y&T’s “Midnight In Tokyo” is very cool. That song really sounds like a night time in Tokyo in 1980’s! (At least I feel that way)

  25. Jon Lockett

    I aim to buy the CD soon ,but hope it will be when I can first visit Japan and meet you guys.Then I buy it REALLY directly from you.If it’s still a few years away until I can come then I’d probably buy it in the normal way.Surface mail is fine.And usually cheaper.In January I bought 2 Fate Gear CDs and the cost of shipping from Japan was really too high.I tried to cancel but by then it was not an Option to the Company that dealt with the order.I wonder if the Covid has caused such shipping cost increases?But I can hardly wait to have Nabeshima in my Hands.An absolute must!

    • Tone

      Hi Jon, thank you very much! It’s definitely due to the pandemic that shipping cost has increased. Right now mailing is pricey and slow. It’s not good for music fans who want actual CDs and not digital downloads. We are hoping traveling situation will be better this year and next year. Hoping to see you when the time is right 🙂

  26. Jon Lockett

    Yes,as I suspected.Unless I can get to your country this year I plan to buy only 3 more discs this year,2 of them Earthshaker “Passion” and “Overrun” (plus a movie on DVD).Starting this week I intend to visit my local travel agency every month or every 6 weeks to have updates on the travel to Japan situation.If possible (and if you’re available then) I’d be looking to visit anytime in Sept to Dec this year.Or as early as possible in ’23.

  27. Jon Lockett

    Who knows ,someday I may try a Bacchus guitar or bass .I have not played many brands of guitars over the years.Almost all have been Ibanez and Jackson.The one instrument I really regret parting with now was a beautiful 1981 Ibanez Destroyer 6 string in the brown-orange cherry sunburst.It was already 18 years old when I bought it and in immaculate condition.But I overspent money in Israel after being at my first kibbutz in 2000.Later that summer I was down to a bit over £100 to my name .I decided to sell the Destroyer and made another £100 so doing.But man how I wish I’d done something else like borrow money or arrange a bank loan.Anything but sell that classic (and quality yet affordable) beauty.

    • Tone

      Hi Jon, thanks! Wow, an old Ibanez Destoyer!? That must have been a great instrument. Because even Eddie Van Halen played one for Van Halen’s first album. It’s a Japanese vintage. I totally understand you regret selling it. But after all, guitars are just tools to make music. Good guitars are nice, but at the end of day it’s all in your heart. So rock on, with your faith, my friend! 🙂

  28. Jon Lockett

    Yes,it’s all about heart.It’s not so necessary to own many expensive instruments.So long as one has reasonably good makes,like guitars that generally sound good and stay in tune most times.I now have another Ibanez Destroyer,a crimson red one I had sent from Japan in 2017.Also a firecracker red Peavey Vandenberg custom built for me in China in 2018 and shipped all for just $600.A real bargain.A blue Jackson Kelly I’m looking to sell.And a candy blue 4 string Ibanez Gio bass.Quite cheap but I love it so am a bit reluctant to upgrade to a better newer bass.I may even wait til I get to Japan and study basses for sale there before possibly acquiring another bass.These days basses are more in my heart to play than 6 string electric guitars.

  29. Jon Lockett

    I’ve been checking daily for the latest article from you on your site and have enjoyed reading this open-hearted message and soul-search.I will continue to.Thankyou so much for your share.I believe however “outdated” classic Hard Rock may be or be perceived to be there will always be those who’ll play it and keep it alive.(check out Radiant from Germany for instance).Even if there’ll never be another Golden Age for it noone can ever kill Rock N Roll.It may go out of fashion sometimes it will never totally die.I fully understand and support what you do with Imari Tones.I with Aqaba Gulf will try to do the same ,albeit in a somewhat different style(more Power Metal).I won’t ask your birthyear.(Mine was 1970).But have a lovely happy RocknRoll birthday.Enjoy the Sushi!

    • Tone

      Thank you very much, Jon! I think we are blessed to be born into the age of rock’n’roll. Let’s rock for Jesus because He is the Rock and He is the King! (I don’t tell my birthyear here but we call ourselves 90’s kids, haha. There were hiphop, grunge, and britpop, but I was always liking 1980’s hardrock and metal.)

  30. Jon Lockett

    Yeah,hopefully I get to Japan later this (or next) year.All depends on the Covid Situation.I am thinking maybe a bright red (in body and headstock)5 string Ibanez bass.I can’t wait to check out the hugely stocked Japanese guitar stores.The Vandenberg acquisition was inspired by Seventh Avenue.I was blown away hearing and seeing them for first time at Bobfest 2005.Flo Gottsleben was playing an awesome custom-looking red guitar.I thought later it was the same one he held for a photo in the Between the Worlds booklet.But that turned out (I think) to probably be his custom Sandberg.The Bobfest beauty was a Vandenberg.I only found out by “mistake”.I had pictures of SA at Bobfest and happened to come across an internet picture of a Vandenberg,and I compared pictures and it was a case of “Hey,that’s a Vandenberg Flo was playing!!!”With Ibanez Destroyers I just saw the used one for sale that I bought in 1999 and happened to love the look of it (eccentric Metal shape and fancy paint job) beforehand.Its price (£500) told me it was a very quality make.But the Destroyer wasn’t inspired by any particular band or player.

  31. Jon Lockett

    Wow,another release already so soon after Nabeshima.I like the exotic-scene artwork and the News that the Songs are 70s style prog and hard rock.Also nice to read the next full length Album will be classic hard rock(which I enjoy as much as heavy metal).By the time I get to Japan it seems like there’ll be many of your eps and Albums to buy from you face to face.Your’e all so productive.Keep up the great work.!!!

  32. Jon Lockett

    I love the way this news is presented here.I must show it to my good friend Rebekka.She’ll be amused for sure.Very happy for you that you can do this.Fate Gear were scheduled to play Switzerland last spring but I just read the 2 shows were cancelled.Very frustrating that still no tourist from Switzerland can visit Japan,or rather it’s the lack of helpful info (about what the Jap. government’s waiting for) that’s the issue.So literally God only knows when it’ll be back to normal.PS….maybe contact BLOODGOOD from Seattle WA and get to Fellowship with them while in that State.Though I heard Michael was hospitalized recently.He’s part of Calvary Church Redmond.The Senior Pastor I believe.Enjoy the adventure.

    • Tone

      Hi Jon, thank you for the comment. (Again sorry for my late reply.) We all hope the world will be back at normal where we can travel like we used to. I heard about Michael Bloodgood. He is with Jesus now. We all have our mission here on earth. We should tell our message of Love to people. In Jesus’ name. (Tak)

  33. Jon Lockett

    I love the song and this special 3 fold performance.Although I never actually bought any VH stuff back in the day,but I saw them support Bon Jovi in Cardiff 1995.The guitar shredding in this song is quite epic.Your guitar’s color – scheme is “Reef Graduation” right?What’s the make of it?(I’ve been looking at a bass in the same color – scheme body and headstock)

  34. Jon Lockett

    I’m very saddened to hear of Michael’s passing.I’ve been an avid Bloodgood fan since 1996.They remain my top favorite Christian band from 80s era.Michael was an inspiration to me (and many) and always will be.His bass-playing,song-writing,stage presence,sense of humor,and open love for Jesus.It takes something to be (and look) as much of a rocker at almost 70 as at 35.He had all that.Christian Rock’s irreplaceable loss is Heaven’s gain!

  35. Jon Lockett

    A really nice collection of colorful effects pedals.It must be a bit hard to choose which to take with you on tour though?I have only used a Zoom pedal board and more recently DIGITECH which I preferred.Even the tuner was so much easier to use with the Digitech.I had all necessary patches self contained in 1 neat box,quite small and lightweight and very easy to carry around in its cardboard box.Actually the Digitech RP 200 seemed to have some more interesting patches that the 250 didn’t have.But both were great.The 200 became unavailable in Britain and was superceeded by the 250,so I had a 200 sent from the States.But I no longer own either for now.I sacrificed them to save weight and space when I expatted to Switzerland.But Digitech pedal box is what I’d go for again,maybe even for bass.The ones I had for guitar could even play up to 8 patches together at a time I believe.

    • Tone

      Hi Jon, I used to own one of those DIGITECH multi effects before. Even though I don’t remember what model it was. It was really fun to use and it sounded good. Gears don’t make music but they certainly help us play;)

  36. Jon Lockett

    I really enjoy watching and hearing this performance.I love the guitar tone especially when the camera moves up close to you Tak and the full effect comes through from the amp.I’d love to see the video of the other 4 songs too even if not as good quality as these 3.Any chance you will post them here on your site.?With my outdated browser I cannot access YouTube for now.(I also like the way the cameraman frequently covers Marie and Shinryu too so we hear bass and drums clearly often.)

    • Tone

      Hi Jon. I’m glad you liked my guitar tone. We have many videos from the USA tour. It’s just we are too busy to post them on the internet. One by one we will post them on YouTube. I try to post them here too.

  37. Jim Au

    I heard this on your CD about a week ago. Watching the music video made this a whole new experience for me. I honestly think this is one of your best music videos… so far! Keep up the good work. We’re counting on you!

  38. Jim Au

    Great music video! I listened to this song a week ago while listening to Nabeshima CD for the first time. Now this song makes so much more sense to me now that I watched this video. It’s kind of amazing how this song feels so much like a Japanese song even though you’re singing in English! (Maybe it’s because of Mari holding the black sai).

  39. Jim Au

    Wow! Awesome! I love it! And I lost count of how many times I have watched the music video (the one that is just the music video, without the background explanation) and the duo release, which I also love tons. There is something very, very special about this God Anthem. I’m glad that you three, Tak-Mari-Shinryu, got to be the ones to deliver it. It’s just simply awesome, and it’s powerful!

  40. Jon Lockett

    I watch this each morning with a cup of tea(a British touch)!Something inspiring about it.Who originally wrote Panama?It sounds kinda Van Halen-esque.Yes,multinational.I thought the drummer didn’t look particularly Japanese.Refreshing that Leon uses papers on a stand.Just like I have to do.I never learned yet how to play completely from memory.With the band name being what it is a cool Bon Jovi cover would be Tokyo Road ,if the prostitution part of the lyrics were not sung.Another fantastic-to-do live song of theirs would be Raise Your Hands (my personal favorite BJ of all time) with “from New Jersey to Tokyo” in the chorus.Are Tokyo Metal Club a band that’s open-minded to the Christian faith?I heard you telling the audience about the Christian Metal of Imari Tones.

    • Tone

      Hi Jon, thank you for watching this live performance movie! I’m glad you enjoy it. Yes Panama it’s a Van Halen song. Tokyo Metal Club was really “multinational” because other than Eiji (Japan), they had Max (USA) on drums (they still do), Kyle (Australia) on bass, and Dana (USA) on vocals. But they had some lineup changes and I had to fill in on vocal duty just temporarily. Luckily Dana is coming back and now they are “80’s metal band fronted by an American singer” again. They are good friends of ours. We haven’t really had a serious discussion about faith but they don’t complain when I talk about being Christian on stage😉

  41. Kris Ratliff

    During the 2020 year, I started listening to your music purely by accident as I was hoping to find a Christian Japanese Metal band. I was pleasantly surprised to find Imari Tones. Over the last few years your music has gotten so much better. The vocal harmonies are richer. I am thankful you all are doing well. Praise the Lord! The Patreon page or something like it doesn’t need to come with restrictions for you. It can simply be a way for your fans to help you financially and show their support for your ministry with no strings attached on your part. It would be great if there is still somewhere fans could go to do that for you. Please let me know. Will continue praying for you all. God bless Imari Tones.

    • Tone

      Hi Kris, thank you. Sorry for my very slow reply. Back in 2020/2021 we did Patreon and it was a wonderful experience. I wrote and recorded songs monthly and that was a great opportunity. Some of the songs ended up on “To Rome” EP, released in 2022. To be honest, we are not really good at business, but for now we are able to keep making music in one way or another. This year June/July, we had a fire in our apartment building and asked help from our fans via PayPal. It was a great help and we are very grateful for the support we received. Maybe sometime in the future, such as when we plan an oversea tour, we may ask help from our fans again, using some crowdfunding website. Thank you very much for your prayer!😇

  42. Jon Lockett

    Wonderful news that Shinryu is baptised.I’ll never forget my baptism in SE Wales in April 1994 (Easter Sunday).”Very special warrior of God from the land of the rising sun”.I love that description and mention of Japan’s nickname.What you have been doing recently and in the next 2 months or so AND my plan to visit Japan in October are inspiring a song in me.I won’t give the title yet (Copyright,I don’t want anyone else to steal it) but it’s a re-wording of land of the rising sun.
    So this news and this post is the perfect tie-in to my visit and my song.I chose not to put “rising sun” in the title ,it’d be cliche ,and earlier on the album is a song with “risen Son” in it.

  43. Jon Lockett

    Wish I could be there in Osaka on August 20.I plan to travel as far as Osaka in October.Plus to other places you’ve recently gigged like Kyoto and Toyohashi (and Nagoya).And Fuji of course.Osaka is the home city of the great Japanese band Earthshaker I believe.At least back in 1978,from what I’ve read,when they kicked off.But my trip will be “based” in Yokohama.Probably where I’ll spend most of the time.I hope to be able to experience travelling a few hundred miles with you guys too sometime,especially if it’s to an Imari Tones Show.

    • Tone

      Hi Jon. Yes Osaka has been the home city for so many heavy metal bands in Japanese rock history including Loudness and Earthshaker. Probably we have to visit Osaka more often😉

  44. Jon Lockett

    Hi Tak and the gang.I’ve never used TwitCasting and got nowhere with it just now.Is it possible the Osaka show livestream can be made available here on your site soon?I’d love to see that event.Glad all of these gigs keep working out good for you and the fans and are so God-blessed.

    • Tone

      Hi Jon, we can’t post the TwitCasting archive here. But it looks like one of our fans has posted some movie from Osaka show on YouTube. It probably doesn’t look/sound as good as official TwitCasting movie though.

  45. Jon Lockett

    Sounds very promising and like it’s gonna be great Music ala Van Halen,Bon Jovi,Ransom,etc.I will be in the area in October.Maybe I can sit in at some of the recording sessions ?I look Forward to visiting at the church Services too.It will be exciting to experience for myself some of the album-making and see (and hear of course) first Hand how it develops.But if you prefer that no-one else is present at the sessions other than band members I’ll understand and respect it.See y’all soon.

    • Tone

      Hi Jon, thank you for the comment. It was great to see you in person. And you already heard some of the songs and riffs I was practicing! Now I’m working on vocal tracks. Hopefully we can record all the vocal tracks by the end of this year. Rock on!!

  46. Jon Lockett

    Wow what an announcement.I’m very happy for you and that your goal goes even beyond making great Christian Rock and Metal Albums.You may even end up pastoring this church Tak?The most famous and original Christian Metal church was of course Sanctuary in California b.1985.Now Bob Beeman runs Sanctuary International from the Nashville TN area.There was also such a church in Colombia called Pantokrator (not to confuse with the band) but sadly it kind of disbanded.But Sanctuary testimony to how long-lasting such a mission can be.As far as I’m aware Pastor Bob is still going strong with it even though now he must be in his early seventies,how cool is that?

    • Tone

      Hi Jon. It was great to see you finally in Japan last month. Now I can call you a good friend of ours. Thank you for information and advice. The event last month was the start for our “heavy metal church” project and you were there. Please keep praying for God’s guidance!

  47. Que incrível! Faz algum tempo que gosto muito de Imari Tones, mas não tinha visto que vocês tinham um site em muito menos que tinha histórias e posts tão legais nele. Acabei de descobrir e estou amando. 🤎

  48. Jon Lockett

    I noticed Jessica had commented here and re-read your opener.Yes it may seem funny or unusual to both be playing in the band as a married couple.But it’s how God works it sometimes and can bring partners closer together.My dear friends Matt and Megan Aylett are in the same boat.Matt keyboards,Megan bass,in Lost Noise and their own personal Syntheosis back in Britain.They both want to form SINE (Sanctuary In North East) a branch of Sanc.International.So if it gets going there’s another organisation connected to the Metal Church missions.Oh and silly me…yesterday when I commented on your Metal Church goal I totally forgot we have one here in Switzerland simply called Metalchurch (again not to confuse with the band) run by Pastor Sam Hug (with several other staff).

    • Tone

      Hi Jon, thank you for everything. Maybe someday we will reach out and work with the metal church in Switzerland. If God willing. The pastor from the event last month (Pastor Ogino) is interested in publishing “Metal Bible” in Japan. Maybe we will get to work with Sanctuary International also, if God willing?

  49. Donovan Clarke

    Praying for your project and fresh approach to spreading the Gospel. I hope to be able to attend a service and participate.
    Blessings to all of you.

  50. Jon Lockett

    So glad 2023 was such a God-blessed year for you.And well done for recording the whole of the new album by now.Yes,it was all possible by God’s grace and the motivation He gave you.And the kindness of the pastor to let you use Asao church as a home and recording base.I hope you release CBA on CD (as with the other albums).Preferably normal jewel case issue.I look forward to catching up on my Imari Tones CD collecting in future.Happy New Year.Jon of Aqaba Gulf.

  51. Jon Lockett

    Thanks so much for giving us the entire show from this venue that to me was very special.I have great memories of the 2 evenings I was there.Good sound and picture quality and different camera angles are in this Video..And a wonderful idea it was to place all of the lyrics and comments up on screen too.What a rockin’ night for Jesus.Keep up the awesome work and God bless.

  52. David S

    Hi Tak. Only an hour to go. It’ll be 1pm here. I was hoping to come along, and would love to be there, but I’ve been having technical problems. Also, I got a call from the hospital for a meeting, so I need to go there. My princess is only weeks away from leaving this world, so there’s stuff that I need to do there. Regardless, I am thinking of you and trusting that the party is great. Hopefully down the track, you have reason to do another and I’ll get there.

    • Tone

      Thank you David. Thank you for letting me know and thank for your support. We felt really blessed at the listening party. We feel really fortunate to have passionate supporters like you. Now I’m praying for you and your princess. I trust in God and I trust everything will be alright.
      God be with you,

  53. David S

    Hi Tak.
    The cd arrived today. Fantastic. You must have spent quite some time on it. The remastering is great. It was so good hearing the tracks. They are of course familiar, but there certainly is a new depth to them. Well worth getting. Thanks.

  54. Tony H

    I thank God that you’re alive and still rocking too!
    Truly, you are blessed.
    And most importantly … you are doing something with that blessing … not just surviving but thriving in this new chapter of life that the Lord has led you into.

    Thank you for your good example!

    I wish I could have seen you on your USA tour.
    (Hopefully you are surviving the Evangelical South … と、あそこの政治的の熱血 … 火事より怖いものかな)

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