One (very) little victory

Now we finished editing our new videos and ready to show them to you, but today we want to share this one little achievement. In Japan we have a major heavy metal magazine called “Burrn!”. It’s every metal musician’s dream to see their name written on that magazine. And now their January2012 issue, they mentioned about us! (Thanks, Amanda Somerville / Trillium !)

We are just an unknown band doing something weird but this is the first time we were mentioned in major music magazine. (and we are sure there will be many more in the future)

But bigger surprise for us is, this issue of Burrn! magazine is just like a Christian advertisement!! They have Stryper article, and also on August Burns Red interview they focused on their Christianity side (which is very rare in Japanese music magazine) and they put their Christian testimony in the article. Off course we were mentioned as a Christian metal band. How many can you find the word “Christian” in this issue!?

Wow, I can’t help but feel GOD is moving here in Japan!!!
It makes me happy! GOD is Awesome!!

Tak / Imari Tones


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