Live Chat Thanks Best Album release


We had a “Live Listening Party” for our Best Of album on Sunday (well, Japan Monday).
(Tak and Marie were there for chat – although Tak did most of the talking)

We felt so much love for each song, and those albums they were originally on… (“Jesus Wind” is a heavy metal masterpiece we are still proud of!)
You “Jesus Rockers” are amazing. We were encouraged by your love for music and Faith for God.
Thanks to your passionate support, we can keep on rocking.

On Monday night, we had band practice. We autographed “The Best Of Imari Tones” CDs, and shipped the first batch.

Now the album is released on Bandcamp.
You can buy it here.

Order before June 28th and we will ship it right away.
After that, we will go on tour. So the next shipment will be July 23.

For our fans in Japan, in addition to Bandcamp,
you can buy the CD from “Rock Stakk Records” and “S.A.Music”.
Please check their website.

Our best album
“That Christian Metal Band from Japan: The Best of Imari Tones” will be released on June 21st Friday this week on the streaming platforms. (But it’s already available on Bandcamp😉)


Streaming Links

Thank you very much for your support!!!


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