Imari Tones Photos

Latest profile photo 2021. Japanese Bushido Style - [Tone, Marie, Shinryu] Photo Credit: Shinichi Ohara (

Solo photos of each band members: Tone, Marie, and Shinryu. 2021 and ongoing. Photo Credit (mostly): Shinichi Ohara (

Photos from The Extreme Tour 2022 USA West Coast (August-September 2022)

Profile photos for the short-lived [Tone, Marie, Koji] lineup (2018July-2020December) To honor Koji Maya, who was a vital part of Japanese heavy metal history. Photo Credit: Shinichi Ohara (

It was our 3rd gig with the short-lived [Tone, Marie, Koji] lineup. It was so good we had to post these photos. Photo credit by Shinichi Ohara (

The long time lineup many of our fans are familiar with. You can open/download the original hi-resolution photos by right clicking.

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