Live at IEQ Kakegawa


Early Morning Metal-
Imari Tones Live at IEQ Kakegawa, April 7th 2024 whole show


We had an opportunity to play IEQ Kakegawa (Foursquare church), Shizuoka, Japan, on April 7th Sunday 2024.

IEQ Kakegawa is a Japanese-Brazilian church. It felt a little different from playing regular churches in Japan. People welcomed us and they had a huge passion for Jesus.

It was a morning service and we were not trying too hard, but we did a very good performance because people there were awesome. It was a very blessed moment.

Luckily we were filming the performance. For the first song, the camera was on the floor, but eventually a very nice person took the camera and gave it a better view.


In the past 10 months we played so many good shows and did some good performances. We are wanting to share them all someday. But for now, we give you this IEQ Kakegawa church show. Because it was a little different, and special.

We want to say thank you to Mr.Rodrigo from the band Anakrino for helping us so much. (Anakrino is a Christian death metal band who just started out, who are based in Shizuoka, Japan. Yes they are a Christian metal band FROM JAPAN😉)

And we want to say thank you to people at IEQ Kakegawa. We definitely will come back.

Thank you Jesus for the blessing!!


日本のクリスチャンメタルバンド、Imari Tones (伊万里音色)による、静岡県掛川市のフォースクエア福音教会でのライブ演奏の様子です。2024年4月7日、礼拝の中での特別賛美演奏として行われました。

Set List
1. Faith Rider
2. Precious
3. Love Is
4. Sonic Soldiers
5. God Anthem



Sonic Soldiers – first time live –
Live performance at IEQ (Kakegawa Foursquare Church), 7th April 2024.

“Sonic Soldiers” – a song from “Nabeshima” album.


What amazes us about “Nabeshima”, our ambitious double album released in 2021, is that everyone has some favorite songs and they are all different. It reflects a wide range of musical styles displayed on the album. (Metal, hard rock, alternative, progressive, J-rock, Visual, indie, traditional, acoustic…)

However some songs gather more attention than others. This song “Sonic Soldiers” is one of them. Some of our friends told us that this is their favorite. (And we haven’t even make a proper music video for it!)

People love this song because of its straightforward 1980’s style hard rock sound. Also people love it for its straightforward positive message.

And… if you like this song, here is a good news. Our next album “Coming Back Alive” is full of this type of straightforward rockers!


Anyway, our church concert at “IEQ Kakegawa” was blessed.
And it was our first time playing this song live in its entire form. (We played only 1st chorus back in October 2023)

We think it was not bad for the first time!


“Sonic Soldiers” is a song about superheroes. Maybe it’s not about American movies. It’s more about Japanese TV heroes with giant robots and colorful ranger costumes. But our heroes fight for something bigger. They fight for Jesus Christ our savior. Because that’s the only truth in this dark and uncertain world.

And, if you know that, it’s a little homage to our favorite Japanese hard rock band from 1980’s, who wrote a song for a super hero anime back then.

We hope you enjoy it!


– We say thank you to Mr.Rodrigo from Anakrino and people at IEQ Kakegawa for making this happen. We love you. We certainly will visit your church again😀



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