Imari Tones Discography

We are an indie band that makes records totally independently…. and we have so much passion for making music. Our standard for creativity and productivity might be a bit different from what you expect from an indie band, or even major bands. But you don’t have to be scared by that.


Most of them are available on digital music stores and streaming services such as iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. Some CDs are also available on CDBaby. We recommend buying from Bandcamp where you can buy CDs and downloads directly from us.


Studio Albums

“To Rome EP” – Released in 2022


“Nabeshima” – Released in 2021


“Bloody Acoustics EP” – Released in 2020


“Overture” – Released in 2018


“Jesus Wind” – Released in 2017


“Revive The World” – Released in 2015


“Heroes EP” – Released in 2013


“Japan Metal Jesus” – Released in 2012


“Victory In Christ” – Released in 2010


“Welcome To The School” – Released in 2009


“Japanese Pop” – Released in 2007


“fireworks” – Released in 2006


“Color of Hers” – Released in 2006


“Reluctant Savior” – Released in 2005


“Heterogeneous Species” – Released in 2005


“Hero of the Light” – Released in 2005


“Entering The New World” – Recorded in 2001, released later


“Kodomo Metal” – Recoeded in 1999, released later


“Prototypes” – Recorded in 1999, released later


“The Garden of Gods” – Recorded in 1998, some songs re-recorded later.



Live Albums

“Atomic Live!” – Released in 2015


“Imari Tones in Glory Zone 2” – Released in 2011


“Imari Tones in Glory Zone” – Released in 2010


“The Record of Live 2004” – Released in 2004




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