Imari Tones in Glory Zone

“IMARi ToNES in Glory Zone”

Live Recorded in February 2010
Download available at Bandcamp


4:Love Is To Do Something No One Dares To Do
5: i love you, now ur on your own
6:Only One Wish
7:Iron Hammer
8:Winning Song
9:Faith Rider
10:Pray For Japan


“IMARi ToNES in Glory Zone 2”

Live Recorded in 2011 May
Download available at Bandcamp


1:Our Prayer for Japan May 2011
2:The Concept
4:Living Water
5:Winning Song
6:Jesus Train
7:Iron Hammer
8:He’s Still With Us
9:Love Is To Do Something No One Dares To Do
10:Faith Rider


Live recording is an important milestone for musicians. However, for an independent band like us, it’s not always easy to do a live recording with good quality. These live recordings, as their recording quality may not be very good, are just like official-bootlegs, which shows our history.

The reason we made these 2 live albums free was, because it was simply a blessing we want to share. History of Imari Tones, started as an ordinary Japanese local band and eventually became a Christian Rock Band. So we want to offer these live recordings to show you what we are….the first Christian heavy metal from Japan.


“IMARi ToNES in Glory Zone” is a live recording at Gloryzone Ministries, long island New York, February 2010. It was one of the best concerts we had so far. And the real miracle was when Tak said “No, you don’t have to pray for us. But please pray for our nation Japan.” Yes, that is our goal and our promise. We have to change our nation. We are soldiers. We are sacrifices.

“IMARi ToNES in Glory Zone 2” is a live recording, 1 year later, May 2011. Somehow, it looks like playing this long island church has a special meaning for us..In contains speech and prayer as well as songs, and they show you how our battle went on, how we prayed, and how God answered, just after the big disaster in Japan.


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