Recorded in September-December 2005
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1:Sirase Kitaru
2:100 Wonders
3:Hatsuharu Renpu
4:Nanikawo Shinjite
6:Uwakina Kangaroo
7:Ev’rything’s Al’right
8:La Mere
9:Silent Hearts
10:Seitokaisitsu Blues


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This is 9th recording effort by Imari Tones and also 4th of the 4 albums Tak did in 2005 mostly by himself. This is a pop rock album with different music styles. This is a celebration of the completion of 9 albums, independently recorded, all in Japanese language, native rock music by a Japanese boy from a local city.

In the song “Sirase Kitaru” Tak was singing about old prophecy coming true, and he was singing about Jesus without knowing it. (He was not a Christian back then.) In “Nanikawo Shinjite” he sings “I wish I could believe in something.” Probably this was the beginning of new spiritual side of Imari Tones. “Silent Hearts” is a typical 1980s style Japanese rock song. “Hatsuharu Renpu” is the original version of “Karma Flower” with Japanese lyrics and more Japanese vibe.

All song in Japanese. Album cover is a picture of Sumida River Fireworks Festival in Tokyo, famous summer fireworks festival in old small streets in Tokyo, and this picture has an old local Tokyo vibe.


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