Live chat Listening Party this Sunday


We decided to do “Album Release Listening Party” (LIVE) on Bandcamp



Again, it’s a short notice but we do it.
– June 16th Sunday 10PM New York time
– June 16th Sunday 7PM Los Angeles time
– June 17th Monday 11AM Japan time (That’s us😉)
– June 17th Monday 2AM UTC (World standard time)

You need a Bandcamp account to join the chat.
(But you can hear/see the event without it)



Let us celebrate the release of The Best Of album!
Let us listen to the album and chat! (LIVE!!)


Tak from Imari Tones will be available for chat and will answer all your questions. (Try his best to answer your questions)
He talks about each song, background stories, memories, band history…

Also he probably will talk about Imari Tones’ upcoming USA tour in July, next new album “Coming Back Alive” which is already recorded, Heavy Metal Church Japan project, the apartment fire incident from June 2023, what’s going on at Asao Christ Church, and pretty much everything as long as time allows… (too long?)

Language: Basically English and Japanese, but he tries to answer other languages using automatic translation.


[From Tak]
I mean, this is our first time doing this kind of stuff. How many people coming? Not sure but if just one person comes, then I will be there to do this on my Monday morning Japan time. I wanna hear your thoughts on these songs. Please join—-!!!!




  1. David S

    Hi Tak. Only an hour to go. It’ll be 1pm here. I was hoping to come along, and would love to be there, but I’ve been having technical problems. Also, I got a call from the hospital for a meeting, so I need to go there. My princess is only weeks away from leaving this world, so there’s stuff that I need to do there. Regardless, I am thinking of you and trusting that the party is great. Hopefully down the track, you have reason to do another and I’ll get there.

    • Tone

      Thank you David. Thank you for letting me know and thank for your support. We felt really blessed at the listening party. We feel really fortunate to have passionate supporters like you. Now I’m praying for you and your princess. I trust in God and I trust everything will be alright.
      God be with you,

  2. David S

    Hi Tak.
    The cd arrived today. Fantastic. You must have spent quite some time on it. The remastering is great. It was so good hearing the tracks. They are of course familiar, but there certainly is a new depth to them. Well worth getting. Thanks.

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