Faith Journey Full Detail


So this is the full version!
Pretty soon we will be flying and the tour begins!


This is the long and detailed version for our tour date.

We were hesitant to post this because it’s really long.
But we want to give you as much information. So we post this!😆


[Faith Journey 2024 – Texas and more – Full detail]


July 5 Friday – Houston TX – Super Happy Fun Land
Fee: $8 (at the door)
Doors at 7PM Show at 8PM to 12
Free bassist contest and samurai lessons. After party till 2am.
Presented by Midnight Metal Monastery

Bands: Imari Tones, Funky Sunday Party, Filthy Rags, Postule, Vivica, Mutilated Divinity

We expect Imari Tones to hit the stage around 10PM. We probably play 45-60 minutes set.(longer if needed😉)

This is a big reunion show with our good friends. Filthy Rags, Funky Sunday Party, Imari Tones, and David from Midnight Metal Monastery (also known as BlackMagicMarker).

We are all good friends and we are all Christian rockers!
We toured together in 2022, and we’ve been friends with David for more than 10 years. And now we gather in Houston Texas.
This is a one big party of Christian rock.

One thing-
We were told that there were no AC at the venue. They have big fans and serve free water. It’s going to be a hot night. Be warned. Stay healthy.

Super Happy Fun Land is a legendary indie music and art place. We can’t wait to come back.

We want to say thank you to David from “Black Magic Marker” (awesome Christian artist/performer) for making this happen!


July 7 Sunday – Dallas TX – ICC Dallas (Japanese church worship)

This is not really a “SHOW”. It’s a church service.
We visit this church because it’s an important place for us. We (Tak and Marie) were baptized at this church, by Pastor Kunisawa, back in 2009.

So this is an important come back for us. It’s an emotional moment. It’s a big blessing.
We will give testimony at their church service, and play a couple of songs.

Although it’s not a full fledged show, it’s a good opportunity for fellowship. Come talk to us. It’s a chance to meet us in a more relaxed and friendly environment.

International Christian Church (ICC Dallas)

Worship service starts at 10:30AM

> Update – It looks like we play a full concert starting 1PM!! (Church concert at ICC)


July 8 Monday – Dallas TX – Three Links

We’ve been to Dallas a couple of times in the past.
We played a church, we recorded some songs at CFNI. But we haven’t really played a gig in the city, until now!
We are really excited to play Three Links Deep Ellum.

Doors 7:00pm
Showtime 8:00pm
Fee $12
All ages event
(A minor fee of $5 will be charged at the door)

It’s Monday. But we are the only band playing. That means we have plenty of time. Let’s have fun. You can taste the very best of Imari Tones.

Ticket Link

Event page


July 11 Thursday – Austin TX – Carousel Lounge
Time slot: 4pm-6pm
Fee: expected $8 (tip jar or door)

It’s every musician’s dream to play Austin.
We are booked at a very cool indie music place: Carousel Lounge. We love this kind of place, because freedom, because art, because of that indie vibe.

However we are booked at an early time slot: 4-6PM
But it’s cool nonetheless. We will create a legendary moment, whether it’s in the morning or at midnight.
Come and catch the show. It’s going to be a lifetime experience. We have plenty of time. Maybe we play 2 sets for you.


July 12 Friday – San Antonio TX – Fitzgerald’s

$15 Presale | $20 DOS
21 and up Only

This is a big show. It’s a metal show.
Full fledged heavy metal show with great metal bands.
I heard some of them are Christians…
Definitely the highlight of the tour.

It’s our first visit to San Antonio.
We can’t be more excited!

Imari Tones hit the stage at 10:30PM (45min set)

Ticket Link


July 14 Sunday – Chattanooga TN – Revive Church (Church concert)

We visit Tennessee. But we only have a short time there due to our schedule. Maybe we could play Nashville. But instead, we decided to play Chattanooga. Why? Because we have good friends there. It’s a promise we made to visit the beautiful town and see our friends!
It’s a church concert and benefit concert.
Other than Imari Tones, Funky Sunday Party, and up and coming Japanese Gospel pop duo “Ko and Saori” will perform!

The Don’t Give Up Event
Time: 6PM
Free show
Bands: Imari Tones, Funky Sunday Party, Ko and Saori
Message: Dr.Butch Varner

Free and open to the public. (A love gift will be received to support the work they are doing)


July 16 Tuesday – Erie PA – Philly On The Rocks

We play Erie PA, because our tour buddy Funky Sunday Party is from this town. This beautiful town by the Lake Erie.
We can’t wait to bring love to this place!

Show 7PM
Fee $5 (door)
Imari Tones, Funky Sunday Party, JC NICKLES AND BROTHER BOCHI

Event page


July 17 Wednesday – Erie PA – Philly On The Rocks (Workshop)

Oh wait, we are booked 2 nights in a row?
Actually it’s not a concert on July 17th.
It’s a “Samurai workshop”.
Our awesome drummer Shinryu will give you martial arts lesson (I believe it’s Aiki) – Because he is a real Samurai. He teaches martial arts for living.

Or is it a drum lesson? (Yep, he teaches drums too)
Either way, it’s going to be a very fun event with whole local community involved!

Details: TBA


July 18 Thursday – Bowling Green OH – Vineyard Church BG

The final event of the tour takes place in Ohio.
It’s a church concert, but it’s actually a DIY show hosted by local musicians. The location is at a church, but you can see/hear the very best talent from local music scene. We are honored to be a part of it!
(I heard there will be free snacks and soft drinks😆)

Door 6pm / Show 7pm
$10 (door)
5 bands on the bill and Imari Tones play 4th slot

Bands/Artists: Evan Binkley, Kelsey Badgrammer, Deskir, Imari Tones, Port Authority


After that, Tak&Marie will fly back to Japan. However Shinryu will stay a little longer and tour with Funky Sunday Party. They will play Soul Stock in St.Marys PA.

We will share information about “Funky Sunday Party with Shinryu” shows when we know the details.


Thank you very much for the support!
We are looking forward to seeing you😀


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