Ah okay, it’s already New Year?
2022 already started?

In these days we are mostly focused on those social media pages, which is a tough work, and we don’t update our websites very often.
I wish we had more time for this.

But let’s get started.


Last year we did some collaboration works with other artists.
Mostly with other Christian/Gospel artists.

Let me show you some of them.



This a song by “Ko and Saori”.
They are our good friends. They are a “Japanese Christian Rock Duo” based in Tennessee USA.
I think I wrote an album review for them on our Japanese blog before.


They are rocking some J-pop / J-rock style but also playing some bluesy stuff.

We made a guest appearance on their video.


And here is their album link.



Another collaboration song.

It’s a song by Yona Ishikawa.
(Should we spell firstname-lastname or lastname-firstname, when we spell Japanese name? I still don’t know.)

She is a great Christian Rock artist.
She is from Yokohama but in the past 4 years she was based in Kobe.

We’ve been good friends since those days when “Calling Records” was still active. (That was a group of Christian rockers. Not really a record label.)

If you remember, she sang 1 song as a guest on our “Overture” album.


So this past month, which is December 2021, she recorded this song for a certain church and I played acoustic guitar on the song.

Lead guitar parts were played by Tone (me).
Rhythm parts were played by Yona.

I think I played some good solos and some good licks.

You can listen to the song here,


and here is her Instagram.


It’s an honor for me to be a part of these songs and I’m very happy I was able to help these artists. Especially they are Christian rockers who are serious about spreading Jesus’ Love.


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