Aqaba Gulf EP (Collaboration)


Here is another collaboration stuff.
It’s a project by Jonathan “DiPharaoh” Lockett.
I helped him with lead vocals and guitar solos.

It’s Christian Metal.
Old school heavy metal with a strong Christian message.
It’s a good stuff.


It’s a band/project called “Aqaba Gulf”.
It’s a 4-song EP/Demo.
The EP is called “It Takes An Impact To Make A Splash”.

It’s a collaboration between UK, Switzerland, and Japan.


So I’ve been talking with Jon for a while now.
I think he is from UK but now based in Switzerland.

He is a Christian Metal guy.
One day he sent me some song lyrics and asked me if I could help him.

Music was more of old school metal and had some underground metal vibe.
But his lyrics were really good and very sincere with strong Christian messages.

So I decided to help him with this project called “Aqaba Gulf”, which is a cool name for a Christian Metal band/project.

I sang lead vocals and also played guitar solos.
And I think the result is quite good.


Here is the demo movie.


Jon is a man of faith and he is also a heavy metal guy.
He has been working on this “Aqaba Gulf” project for a long time.
I am very happy to help him make this project come true.


Here I sang in different styles than I do with Imari Tones.
I tried to scream and shout, somewhat more like early thrash metal style.

I always say “I’m not a heavy metal singer” because I consider myself a glam/pop singer who ended up singing heavy metal.

But here, I tried to sound as metal as possible.


I think some metal fans out there will be interested in this project.

At this point, this EP is only available via email inquiry to Jon.

The price is 10 Swiss Francs plus shipping fee.
It’s available both in CD and MP3 Download. (No shipping fee for download)
Buyer also will get 10 minutes radio interview recorded in 2016.


Anyone interested in this Christian Metal CD, please email to:

jonnydpharaoh [at]

Maybe with a title such as “Aqaba Gulf CD inquiry”.


Thank you for supporting underground heavy metal scene.
Also thank you for supporting Christian metal music.


And Kudos to Jon, thank you for working hard for this EP.
Thank you for your passion for Christian Heavy Metal.

Let’s keep on rocking for Jesus!!


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