Distrokid Sellouts NFT


So our music distributer Distrokid recently put out a cute little doll called NFT(?) using the cover art of our 2012 album “Japan Metal Jesus”.

You can see it here.


We still don’t know what NFT is, but what we DO know is people are supporting our music.

We are thankful for the buyer/owner and we try our best to give shoutout on our social media. (That’s what we are supposed to do, right? Maybe wrong…?)


Thank you for supporting one and only music ministry in Japan!!
Music business and digital world is getting more and more complicated.
As an indie band, we are trying to keep up and willing to try new things.


We are going to learn about this NFT thing and hopefully will plan something interesting.
Will let you know when it’s ready.

But we promise it’s all for God’s Kingdom and salvation for lost souls.


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