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Anime music video for “To Rome”.

It’s an opening theme of “Bearly Biblical”, a super fun Bible anime. Bloody Old Testament stories being told by cute Teddy Bears. It’s cute, it’s brutal, and it’s rocking. Just like Imari Tones!


Bearly Biblical is now streaming on
Please watch and support this one of a kind Christian Anime!!!


“To Rome” is the title track from our “To Rome EP” released in 2021. It’s a song inspired by 2 historic episodes. One is Paul wanting to visit Rome in the Book of Acts. The other is Japanese samurai from the early 17th century actually actually visiting Rome all the way from Japan, becoming a priest.

It’s a straightforward hard rock song with 1980’s flavor. We love this song because it has some raw and organic feel of classic rock.


The mix of this song is slightly different from the EP version released in 2022. (This version a little easier on ear) Maybe we will have to release this “Bearly Mix” version, soon?


Cutting of the tag: There is a scene at the end of the song where Tak cut the tag of the teddy bear. In “Bearly Biblical”, circumcision is portrayed by the cut of Teddy Bear tags. We tried to demonstrate this in the music video, to bless our cute teddy bear!!


Location: Asao Christ Church, Kawasaki, Japan
Video shoot: Shinichi Ohara (
Bearly Anime: Tim Ingle

As of April 2024, this Teddy Bear is still at Asao Christ Church, and he often is playing with kids who visit the church.



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