USA tour in July


It’s time to make it official (We guess so…)

We will tour in the USA in July.
And here are our tour dates.


We are an indie band and this is an indie tour.
But we set out to do that. Because there are people we should see! There are places we should visit!


Imari Tones indie tour South USA
“Sensei Tour 2024” (tour title not set yet!)

July 5 Fri – Houston TX – Super Happy Fun Land
July 7 Sun – Dallas TX – ICC Dallas (Japanese church) -Testimony and worship
July 12 Fri – San Antonio – Fitzsgerald’s
July 14 Sun – Chattanooga TN – Revive Church – Church event
July 17/18 – Bowling Green OH [AND/OR] Erie PA (To be confirmed)


Yes we are wanting to play more.



– Friends in Texas, if you offer us a place to stay, it will be a great help and we will really appreciate it! (Mainly because hotels are expensive…)

– We are looking to book a few more shows, especially for July 8-11 period. Texas area…maybe Austin or Dallas. If you know any place we can play, please let us know!πŸ˜‰

– Also we have a chance to play Ohio area. That’s why we are currently working on our shows on July 17/18. Those shows are waiting to be confirmed. Please pray! (Let me know if you can help)


We want to say thank you to Scott from Funky Sunday Party. We’ve been good friends since our 2022 tour. He will be touring with us and he’s helping us so much to make this happen.

And of course we thank YOU very much for your kind support!
We have so many exciting news for you. (trying to update!)


One thing is certain: We will meet so many people!

Let’s do this together!πŸ˜†


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