Christmas Live Streaming success!


So we did a Live Streaming Show on December 23rd.

It was fun and we think we did a good show.

Most importantly, we did it with strong Christian messages.


This last year, with our new lineup and the situation of the world, we started to play this kind of “Online Streaming”.
We are trying to do it, at least once in a while.

We had fun and we are thankful for everyone joined live and watched it afterwards.


YouTube was nice but we had more success on Facebook, because it was shared many times and it has reached many people. Surely the power of social media.

I’m sure we will do it again, with better plan and better performance.


Here is Facebook archive.
For some reasons it sounds more “professional” than YouTube.



Here is YouTube archive.
We used a good microphone and it sound more raw. But some of you may prefer rocking raw sound.


Check out Shinryu’s katana sword performance around 32minute


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