Nabeshima good review

Since we released “Nabeshima” album last year July, we have received many reviews from music media, magazines and websites.

Some of them are good, some of them not so good.
But what amazes us is how people say totally different things about this album.

That talks so much about this special album.
“Nabeshima” defies classification. It does not fall onto a certain category.
It stands in a very unique position, musically, culturally, and also in spiritual messages.

And recently we received a very good review.
So we are going to show it here.


Kudos to Angelic Warlord
They are a very informative Christian rock/metal website.

They have reviewed some of our albums in the past and they always did fair reviews understanding our background and faith for God (and rock’n’roll).

We are glad they gave a good score (80% rating) to our “Nabeshima” album.

Check it out here.



Also here is the list of reviews we received for “Nabeshima”.

Maybe there are some other we haven’t noticed on the internet.

Imari Tones – Nabeshima

IMARI TONES – Nabeshima




And yes! The CDs have arrived!!

Shipping was delayed but they have finally arrived!!
All the way from Latvia!


Now that the CDs are finally being shipped, we can say this confidently.

“Nabeshima” CD is available on Sliptrick Records official store here.



We are going to sell it on our Bandcamp, too.
But give us some time to set it up.

But considering the current situation of the world, we will have to set the shipping fee very high on Bandcamp.
At least at this point, it will be faster and cheaper if you buy from DeadPulse/Sliptrick.


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