Kyoto: Beauty of Japan


The beauty of Japan.
That is the beauty of God’s country made possible by Harmony of people under the rich blessing of nature.

We visited Kyoto, the eternal capital for Japanese souls, to find the harmony and the truth.

We play music to the world, as a Christian metal band from Japan.
However, we don’t deny Japanese culture and Japanese tradition, even though people consider Christianity is a religion from the West.

We think Japanese people truly can understand Christ, with the Buddhist notion of “Ku” (emptiness) and the harmony spirit of Shinto.
Because, in order to understand Christ, who sacrificed himself to fulfill the salvation, you got to have the harmony in your heart.

The more we learn, the more we find how wrong the notion of “Christianity is the religion of the West” is. In Japanese history and in our cultural roots, this God of the Bible always had a major impact.

Kyoto, known as “Heiankyo” was constructed by the Hata tribe, who came to Japan in ancient age.
This time we visited their main shrine “Matsuo Taisha” and Oigawa-river, Arashiyama area.
We understood why they chose Japan and they chose Kyoto. And why they built “Heiankyo” (El Shalom = Jerusalem) in this place.

We felt the roots of Japan and the reason God made this country, when we visited this “eternal capital city” of Kyoto.

The Hata tribe were said to be descendants of ancient Jews. There are many shrines made by them in Kyoto.
However, although those shrines (including Yasaka shrine and Matsuo shrine) were very beautiful, I felt God the most when we visited the site of persecution for Christian people.

Jesus Christ was crucified in Jerusalem.
It was not a coincidence that the first Christian martyrs of Japan, 26 saints of Kyoto, were living in this city.

This world of humans is full of injustice and contradictions.
However, Christ was always there besides the sick, poor and weak.
That is the Love of God.
That is the real God, shown in the Bible, in the history of “God’s people”.

Now, for Japanese people, the residents of God’s country, I believe they can understand the Love of Christ.

Our mission is to tell the world about this Japanese spirit and history, to spread “God’s harmony” in the world.




Imari Tones(@imaritones)がシェアした投稿




Imari Tones(@imaritones)がシェアした投稿

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