Recorded in February-March 1999
Some songs added later
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1:Breath of Angels
3:Sunny Side Up
4:Zento Tanan
6:Mikotobani Katakutachi
7:Ima Kimini Aitaiyo
8:Zento Yo Yo


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Recorded in February-March 1999, this is 2nd music work by Imari Tones. Back then his project didn’t even have a name, but Tak knew he was doing it for Love. That’s why he named this music project “Imari Tones” in year 2001. He named the band after his wife.

Now his life situation getting better, you can feel some warmth and light coming in. Tak made this record to improve his recording/mixing skills and it has some experimental songs. As a result, this album does not have any specific killer tune but all songs are solid and tight. All guitar sounds were delivered using Marshall Gov’nor Re-issue Pedal, but you will be surprised at how good it sounds.

All songs sung in Japanese. Drum tracks played by drum machine. Album cover is a picture of the dog Tak had in his childhood. Some of the songs were added later, to make this album a “revised version”.


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