Bloody Acoustics EP


“Bloody Acoustics EP”

Recorded in October-November 2020
Released in December 2020
Download available at iTunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp
Streaming Available at Spotify, Apple Music and other services


1:Bloody Messiah (Acoustic Version)
3:Aino Kiseki
4:One Sheep


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In 2020 we made so much music. We finally finished making “Nabeshima” album which was our long time goal. We made even more for some side projects. However, we could not release them right away. We wanted to release something official for 2020, which was a tough year for everyone. 

That’s why we decided to record this “Acoustic EP” very quickly. Because our drummer Koji could not play in 2020 due to his shoulder injury, we made it with our temporary duo style. But that was an opportunity for us to try different music styles.

This EP contains 4 songs. But they are all different from our usual heavy metal style. Also this is a Japanese record. All songs were written and sung in Japanese language. This gave us one more opportunity, after “Overture” album that was also a Japanese record, to sing about Jesus in our native language for our Japanese friends. We are very happy about that.

If you expect our usual “Super Fun Awesome Heavy Metal”, you would be a bit surprised. But we are very confident and happy with all these songs with strong Christian messages in our native tongue.

Now we will work even harder so that we can release “Nabeshima” as soon as possible.



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