Hero of the Light

“Hero Of The Light”

Recorded in June 2004 & February 2005
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1:Winning Song
2:Pretty Color Flowers
3:The Imaginary Number Boy 2
5:Utsukusii Monowo Miyou
6:Must Be….
7:Kyujo Reppu
10:That’s why i love you
11:Us In Wonderland
12:Mixing Girl Reflection


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Recorded in 2004-2005, this is 5th recording effort by Imari Tones. Tone, Haratti and Minetti, as they played tight as a band, this is definitely the most catchy album in Imari Tones’ history. This is THE Japanese band, this is the Japanese Pop Life. Hard Rock, Pop, Punk, Alternative, we tried to mix them and tried to make the best out of it.

In Imari Tones’ history, this is the only era we tried to get the attention of Japanese music market. Basically this is an alternative pop record with sharp sounding alternative tunes like “Kyujo-Reppu” and “The Imaginary Number Boy 2”. On the other hand, this album also includes straightforward hard rock tunes like “Winning Song” and “That’s why i love you”, which are still important songs in our live shows.

Those songs were re-recorded later on “Japanese Pop” by Japanese producer Tak Yonemochi, but in this album are the original version with Japanese lyrics.

Recommended for anyone. All songs are sung in Japanese. Album cover is a picture of Tone, Haratti&Minetti, having a party in a Italian restaurant, Shiki city, Saitama prefecture, Japan.


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