Welcome To The School

“Welcome To The School”

Recorded in 2008
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Our Side
1:Welcome To The School
3:God Has No Name
5:i love you, now ur on your own
6:Never Too Late To Learn

His Side
7:He’s Still With Us
8:Only One Wish
10:First Pop
11:Rockn’Roll is the proof God loves us
12:Graduated From The School


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After the release of “Japanese Pop”, Tak “Tone” Nakamine became a Christian. This is a concept album about relationship between human and God. It’s a fairytale of an imaginary school called “School Of Saviors” where we can learn about faith, love, and God.

First half of the album is called “Our Side”, with the songs emphasizing on hard rock sound and heavy metal riffs. Second half of the album is called “His Side”, focusing more on worship songs and praising God. The reason we parted this record in 2 parts is, because we wanted to depict an inner battle inside human’s mind. Because we think, in order to understand God’s law, man has to break all the illusions made by human world. That’s why “Our Side” is full of hard songs, fighting doubts in his own mind.

This album includes band’s favorite songs to perform live, like very powerful “Illusions”, catchy rock tune “i love you, now ur on your own” and glorious worship song “Only One Wish”. All songs are sung in English. This is the first Christian record by Imari Tones. A big thanks to Dr.Manzo, who provided us his secret base to create this record.


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