Jesus Wind

“Jesus Wind”

Recorded in February-June 2016
Released in November 2017
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2:Dying Prophet
3:God’s People
4:Saints Seeking Salvation
6:The War
7:The Peace
9:The Wave
10:When The Nation Falls
11:This is How Freedom Dies
13:Don’t Stop Walking
15:New Jerusalem


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Storyline Liner Note


Tak has always said he wanted to make a concept album about Japanese history, because even though Japan was mainly a Buddhism nation it had its own Christian history. But when he said that he didn’t actually think it was possible. Because it seemed too difficult, too heavy a task for an indie musician. These Japanese Christian history and legends, often times sad and tragic, are mostly unknown even to Japanese people.

However while watching and experiencing political and spiritual turmoil not only in Japan but also all over the world, he came to realize. History is not only about the PAST, but also about the FUTURE. With a hope to make a better future, he decided to search for the spiritual nature of Japanese nation, hidden in the history. A history full of mystery.

Naturally he reached for many books for historical information, but more than that he tried to go deep down in his own soul. Because he believed that real history was written in the soul of people rather than in a book.

This album consists of 3 parts: Past, Present and Future. The Past part is about ancient age, singing about Samurai’s code and Japanese Buddhism in which Christian influence is actually found. The Present part is about more recent period and modern age. There are songs about the World Wars and Japan’s economic growth in the last century. The Future part is where things get dramatic and spiritual. It leads to a spiritual revelation and eventual discovery of genuine faith for Japan nation. As a result, this album is something can be called “Musical Prophecy” about spiritual situation for Japan. While it’s up to listeners what they will find in the music, Imari Tones are very proud of this achievement. At least you can say this is the heaviest, most intense heavy metal album Imari Tones has ever made.


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