Heroes EP

“Heroes EP”

Recorded in June 2012-March 2013
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3:Follow The Light
4:Ai No Iro
5:Kiseki Wo Kudasai
6:Famicom Thrash
7:Precious (Live)

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Imari Tones has been always a very productive group of musicians. We are probably one of the most (musically) productive indie bands in the world and we take a great pride in it. This disk is an EP, which means it contains fewer songs than a full album. We planned to make this EP as a bridge to our next project.

Our initial plan was just to record a couple of songs and some acoustic worship song in Japanese language (Ai No Iro). However, we also wanted to record a Japanese version of our worship song “Give Us Your Miracles”, that turned into “Kiseki Wo Kudasai”.And we recorded this funny Thrash Metal song for our friends at Famicom Dojo, which is “Famicom Thrash”. And now we have this nice live version of “Precious” recorded at Misono Baptist Church, on March 16, 2013. Now it’s almost like an “Extra EP” with so many special songs.

“Overcome” is one of our most powerful rocking calling out Jesus name. “Heroes” is a patriotic song dedicated to all the unsung heroes in human history. And “Follow The Light” is a song dedicated to both Tak’s father passed away in 2012 and Hassy’s father passed away in 2013.

Much more than we initially planned, this Heroes EP is a representation of our identity as a Japanese band, as much as it’s our personal favorite emotionally and spiritually.


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