Color of Hers

“Color Of Hers”

Recorded in September-December 2005
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2:Break Through
5:Samurai Kids
8:Jibun Theme
9:Hitorini Naranaide
12:Koi Ha Kowaiyo


**M2 “Break Through” written by Tone & Daisuke.S
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This is 8th recording effort by Imari Tones and also 3rd of the 4 albums Tak did in 2005 mostly by himself. This is a classic hard rock record and Tak tried to make this record in 1970’s way.

Surprisingly, most of the songs in this record are the songs Tak wrote in his high school days. Regardless the fact, some people (and some music critic) say this is the best Imari Tones’ album out of first 9. (Our first 9 albums are recorded independently, and sung in Japanese language.) So here is a Teenage Rockn’Roll by a Japanese local boy. Somewhere between Led Zeppelin, Queen, Van Halen, Nirvana, and Japanese Rock.

All songs are sung in Japanese. Album cover is a picture of Marie (Tak’s wife), from her back, showing her natural brown hair color, which is unusual for a Japanese girl. Tak’s favorite color is Red, Marie’s favorite color is Blue, and Imari Tones is a music which has never been born if we didn’t meet each other in our high school days.

*Track 1&3 were remixed in 2017 for some sound improvement.


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