Japanese Pop

“Japanese Pop”

Recorded in 2006
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1:Winning Song
2:Karma Flower
3:That’s Why I Love You
4:Iron Hammer
5:Speechless Speaker
6:Skies Of Tokyo
8:New World
9: I
10:Winning Song (Japanese)


Produced by Sascha Paeth and Tak Yonemochi
Recorded in Wolfsburg Germany and Tokyo Japan
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In 2006, Imari Tones met a producer called Tak Yonemochi. He was a famous Rock Journalist and a guitarist of a Japanese band Air Pavilion. Tak Yonemochi and IMARi ToNES recorded 7 songs in Tokyo, and after that, Tak Yonemochi took the band to his good friend Sascha Paeth, a world renowned heavy metal producer. We recorded 3 songs with Sascha in Wolfsburg, Germany, including super catchy song “Karma Flower”.

We put those songs together and here is “Japanese Pop”, a real hard rock record by a Japanese band. While Sascha did a world class job on 3 songs, Tak Yonemochi used his analogue recording equipment (Yes, it’s TAPE.) to get a warm and punchy sound. Tone used Yonemochi’s Bogner Fish Preamp to get his dream guitar sound. Result is the best sounding album of Imari Tones, with its best song selection.

Not all songs here were actually new. We picked songs from our previous records and changed the lyrics into English language. All songs except Track9&10 are sung in English. This is the 1st Imari Tones’ album made for international market.


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