Heterogeneous Species

“Heterogeneous Species”

Recorded in June-August 2005 (Remixed in 2015)
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1:Saratoga Stream
2:Vitamin Glass
5:Flying Kitchen
6:Bouillabasic Inou Ryu
7:Kuusou Shounenn
8:Tooi Natsu No Komoriuta
9:Space Merchant
10:Chinese Mermaid
11:Bochi Bochi


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This is 6th recording effort by Imari Tones and also 1st of the 4 albums Tak did in 2005 mostly by himself. During the band was on hiatus, being unable to play live shows, Tak decided to spend his time on recording. That’s because he had so many musical ideas he wanted to try.

Key word of this album is “Heterogeneous”. Tak tried to do unusual and unique music style, just like he once did on “Kodomo Metal”. This album has some unusual, experimental guitar songs like “Vitamin Glass” and “Saratoga Stream”, while it also has heart warming pop tunes like “Kuusou Shounen” and “Bochi Bochi”.

All songs are sung in Japanese. Drums played by Tak himself. Album cover features Tak’s left hand, which has a burn scar on it, from his childhood accident. He loved this “unique” left hand.

– This album was “ReBuilt” and “ReMixed” in 2015 for sound improvement.


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