Japan Metal Jesus

“Japan Metal Jesus”

Recorded in March-December 2011
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1:Praise & Worship
2:The Concept
3:Jesus Train
4:Yokohama Dreaming
5:Living Water
7:You Key
8:Making Sure All The Gods Are Happy
10:Give Us Your Miracles
11:Shito Shinjo
12:Living Water (Japanese version)


Recorded in Yokohama Japan & CFNI Dallas Texas USA
**M9 “R.P.G.” lyrics written by Tone & Famicom Dojo (Kevin&Sean)

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Imari Tones is a funny band. Not only because they are a Christian rock band, but because they have many contradicting factors. They started as an ordinary secular band and somehow they turned into a Christian band. They are playing for international market while their goal is to reach Japanese people. We are a Japanese Christian band playing metal music.

But many people told us that there was nothing in common between these things, Christianity, Heavy Metal and Japan. So we decided to put these 3 words together in the album title. We tried to re-define Japanese rock. We tried to re-define Japanese heavy metal.

This album was not something we planned. Tak “Tone” Nakamine wrote most of the songs on this album while he was sleeping. He heard the songs in his dreams and wrote them down.

As a result, songs in this album are simple yet powerful, as proven at their live shows. While rocking hard, you can say this is Imari Tones’ most catchy album since “Hero of the Light” and “Japanese Pop”.


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