The Record of Live 2004

“The Record Of Live 2004”

Recorded live in 2004
Download available at Bandcamp.


1:Winning Song
2:Must Be….
4:Growing Happiness
5:The Imaginary Number Boy 2
8:Us In Wonderland
9:That’s why i love you
12:Mixing Girl Reflection
13:Pretty Color Flowers


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After a few years of struggling, it was in 2004 the band was finally formed. Tone (guitars, vocals), Haratti (drums) and Minetti (bass), they started playing gigs in Tokyo. This is a simple record of those performances, direct from mixing console of each venue.

Live recordings are milestone for any musician, and we offer this live recording album because we want to share with you how we fought the battle in the concrete jungle of Tokyo, how we survived against all odds.

Tak speaks to audience with all of his soul and the band plays so hard, trying to convey its hidden messages. This is the Tokyo alternative scene we have experienced.

All songs are sung in Japanese. Tone’s sister Mizuki joined on some songs on keyboards and background vocals.


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