Reluctant Savior

“Reluctant Savior”

Recorded in June-August 2005 (Remixed in 2015)
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2:Kimi Ha Mammoth
3:If Only I Could Rockn’Roll
4:Phony Phony
5:Yoru No Uta
6:Angel Wind
7:fine tune
8:Osanagokoro No Funk
10:Bokura Noutenki
11:3chords De Ikou!!


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This is 7th recording effort by Imari Tones and also 2nd of the 4 albums Tak did in 2005 mostly by himself. While previous album has its focus on unusual music style, this is more like “an ordinary life” album with more relaxed vibe, and it contains many pop tunes.

“Kimi ha Mammoth” is a candy pop tune about Japanese school life. “Phony Phony” is an experimental tune with tricky polyrhythm. “Angel Wind” has one of the best guitar riffs Tak has ever played and features a beautiful chorus part. “Let’s Go 3chords!!” conveys a message about loving the way you are and you don’t have to be someone else.

All songs sung in Japanese. Album cover is a picture of Japanese local shopping street in an ordinary town.

– This album was “ReBuilt” and “ReMixed” in 2015 for sound improvement.


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