Recorded in September 2019 – February 2020
Release Date July 6th 2021, Released from Sliptrick Records
Download available at iTunes, Amazon and other digital stores
Streaming available at Spotify, Apple Music and other outlets
CD available at Sliptrick Records website (Dead Pulse)


2:Lord’s Prayer
3:Sakura Day
4:Atomic Jam
6:Sakura Night
12:God Anthem

1:Crucified Boy
2:Sonic Soldiers
3:The Garden
4:Who Are You
5:Sengoku Christians
6:Screaming Sin
8:Once In A Lifetime
11:Not Of This World



Imari Tones’ music was born when Tone met a girl named Imari in his teenage days. That was the reason Tone (Tak Nakamine) decided to call his band Imari Tones.

However, while he was checking the Japanese old porcelain art which his girlfriend (now wife) was named after, he found this very special art.

That was Nabeshima. Nabeshima was of the highest quality in the history of Imari Porcelain. Very special pottery made for the Tokugawa Shogunate.
They had a very unique quality. Out of this world, multi dimensional, timeless, even spiritual beauty.

Tone was mesmerized with this “Nabeshima” porcelain. He thought he wanted to make music like this. And he decided, someday when he made the best music he could possibly make, he would call it “Nabeshima”. Because it’s the best music by Imari Tones.
That was the ultimate goal, since the moment he named his band this way.

Years later, his band Imari Tones was now a Christian band. They were very unique, most likely the first ever Christian Metal band from Japan.
They toured in the United States, they toured in Japan, playing music for international audiences.

But Tone has always wondered what the authentic Christian music is like for Japanese people. He dug up the roots of Japanese soul, went back in history and made a concept album about Japanese Christian history (Jesus Wind).

But that was not all.
Along the way, he had found the authentic way to play spiritual music to Japanese souls.
That was the Christian Metal music based on Japanese traditional sounds.

How did he do that?
Tone wrote those songs with the beauty he found in Nabeshima.
He made these sounds with multi dimensional, otherworldly, and Japanese traditional beauty of Nabeshima and its aesthetics.

That was the sound Tone has been looking for, for a very long time.
This is the Ultimate Japanese Christian metal.
This is the best music from Imari Tones.

This is the manifestation of Christian faith by Imari Tones, but at the same time, this is also the manifestation of Imari Tones’s musical freedom and diversity.
Mysterious, spiritual, exotic, yet based on Christian faith.
Experimental, progressive, yet based on classic hard rock format.

This is a double album with 24 songs. Half of the songs are sung in English and the other half are sung in Japanese. Imari Tones made this album knowing it’s meant to be a classic.
It will take you to a spiritual journey – a journey to ancient Japan where Christian faith and Samurai spirit become one.


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