New song video and we need your help!

Well what can I say?
We have been working on our new recording work throughout year 2011.
February-March, we recorded 4 songs, in the occasional blackouts and turmoil after the earthquake.

April we had an opportunity to record 2 songs in Dallas Texas, USA.
(USA recording? Wow, sounds like a dream!)

In summer we (mostly Tak) did one song for Famicom Dojo podcast.

And now we are working on 3 more songs, drum tracks already done.
Probably in January 2012, we will have whole album done.

But here is the problem.
We need a record label.
(Sounds ridiculous?)

As you can see, we have been selling our music independently, mostly on internet.
But this time we want to have a breakthrough.
Next step as a band.

That’s why we made these 2 videos.
We have to spread the word and have a breakthrough.

So can you help us?

We need a record label but we don’t know how to contact right people.
So we decided we need help from people.

Here is our request.
Can you retweet or post this video on facebook, twitter, blog, anywhere on internet, so that the word will spread?

Here is the first video called “The Concept”.

and here is the second video called “You Key”. (This song is a killer!)

These are very low budget videos, recorded by iPhone camera, but they represent our attitude so much. Having fun, being happy, and being thankful to God.
It was so much fun to make these videos.
We hope you enjoy this video just like we did while making them.

Tak / Imari Tones

It looks like YouTube got a timing problem. Sound and movie sometimes doesn’t synchronize. In that case, maybe you can visit our VIMEO page, just in case.

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