God Anthem has arrived!


The music video of “God Anthem” is released!

It’s one of the most important songs on the “Nabeshima” album.

We played “Duo version” on YouTube last year, if you know it. But finally we can release the finished band version.

This music video was fun. Everything about this video was miracle. The perfect wave crush at the end of the guitar solo, that was a pure coincidence. It was awesome. We hope you can feel the excitement.


This song actually is based on “Japanese National Anthem” know as “Kimigayo” (君が代).

It’s a musically more aggressive version of Kimigayo, so to speak.

It’s a strong message. Because that means we declare Jesus in Japan. It’s like saying “Japan belongs to Jesus” loud and clear.

It’s a song that takes courage to play.



To explain the song, I made a little video.


Here is what I’m saying in the video.


When we try to tell Japanese people about Christianity,
their typical reaction is like this
“Oh, Christian? It’s a religion of the West. It has nothing to do with us. We are a Buddhist country.”

We wanted to prove them wrong.
Because we don’t think Christianity is a religion of the West.

So we decided to combine our Christian message with a certain old Japanese song.
A very important song for Japanese.
That is “Kimigayo”, Japanese National Anthem.

Many people in Japan have ambivalent feelings about our National Anthem.
Some people don’t like it while some people love it.
Nevertheless it means so much to every person in this country.

Some people sing it with Nationalism
Some people sing it with Conservatism
Some people sing it with Pacifism
But we decided to sing it with Christian Faith!!


We always felt that Kimigayo had a hidden meaning.
It was almost like a secret code.
Musically speaking, I thought that song was in a sleeping state. Like frozen, inactive state.

We tried to unfreeze the song.
We made it more active, more alive.
And we tried to reveal the hidden meaning of the song, musically and spiritually.

The result is here, This song is all about praising God.
All based on our Japanese roots, singing with our Japanese souls.
We decided to call it “God Anthem”, because it’s a National Anthem for God’s Kingdom.

This is a song with a strong message, musically, spiritually, even politically.
Some people will be angry, I guess.
But we won’t be afraid. We declare Jesus’ name in Japan with this song.
I hope we can change our nation, and also the whole world.

This song is our everything.
And let me say this: It is awesome.
This is the Japanese Christian Metal.
Please, Check – It – Out.



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  1. Jim Au

    Wow! Awesome! I love it! And I lost count of how many times I have watched the music video (the one that is just the music video, without the background explanation) and the duo release, which I also love tons. There is something very, very special about this God Anthem. I’m glad that you three, Tak-Mari-Shinryu, got to be the ones to deliver it. It’s just simply awesome, and it’s powerful!

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