New EP “To Rome”


We have released a new EP!

The title is “To Rome”.


Bandcamp – Already released

Spotify and other digital stores – August 5th


It contains 4 new songs.
They are not necessarily heavy metal. They are more like progressive rock or classic hard rock songs from 1970’s.

Originally these songs were written for Patreon. During 2020 and 2021, Tone wrote 15+ songs as Monthly Songs for Patreon.
We picked 4 songs from there and recorded with band.

(So some of you may have heard the song in their Patreon versions.)


The lyrics are directly based on the Bible because Tone wanted to focus on God’s message. “Return To Me” is based on the Book of Zechariah, “Seek Me And Live” is based on the Book of Amos, and “Silently” is based on Psalms 62&63.


The title song (and EP title) is based on the story of Paul going to Rome in the Book of Acts, also based on the actual story of Japanese Samurais visiting Rome back in the 16th and 17th century.

Notably there was a man called “Petro Kasui Kibe” who lived in 16th and 17th century. He was a Japanese samurai but became a believer and went to Rome (Italy) after a long journey. He became a Catholic priest and eventually came back to Japan. After years of missionary work, he was caught and executed because Christianity was banned in Japan.

We were inspired by this story and the artwork is based on it.


Here is an announce video for the EP.


We decided to release this EP for 2 particular reasons.
Or maybe 3.

1st reason is, because we want to give you awesome music and these songs are awesome.

2nd, we wanted to buy time before making next full album. (That will be very accessible, super fun, and very straightforward hard rock album.)

3rd, because we are planning a tour later this year (September) and we financially need your help.

Please buy this EP on Bandcamp (you can “name your price”) and support us for the upcoming tour!


Here is the Bandcamp link.

And we finally made our Band T-shirts.
They are also available on Bandcamp.

Thank you very much for your support!



  1. Jon Lockett

    Wow,another release already so soon after Nabeshima.I like the exotic-scene artwork and the News that the Songs are 70s style prog and hard rock.Also nice to read the next full length Album will be classic hard rock(which I enjoy as much as heavy metal).By the time I get to Japan it seems like there’ll be many of your eps and Albums to buy from you face to face.Your’e all so productive.Keep up the great work.!!!

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