Tak sings for Tokyo Metal Club


This is more of a side project thing.
But nonetheless it was awesome and fun.


Tone made a guest appearance for our friends at Tokyo Metal Club. He sang as a one-night-only hired gun singer.

They played their 1980’s inspired original tunes along with some cover songs.

How about some Bon Jovi?
(Please ignore some missed words, wrong song structure, etc. It’s all about having fun😉)


Tokyo Metal Club is a multi-national heavy metal band/project based in, well, Tokyo.

Tone (Tak) and Eiji (guitar player from Tokyo Metal Club) are long time friends. That’s why this collaboration happened.

Tone usually plays guitar and sings at the same time with Imari Tones. Maybe he sounds somewhat better when he’s not playing guitar and focusing on singing?


Anyway it was awesome.
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Tokyo Metal Club on YouTube


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  1. Jon Lockett

    I watch this each morning with a cup of tea(a British touch)!Something inspiring about it.Who originally wrote Panama?It sounds kinda Van Halen-esque.Yes,multinational.I thought the drummer didn’t look particularly Japanese.Refreshing that Leon uses papers on a stand.Just like I have to do.I never learned yet how to play completely from memory.With the band name being what it is a cool Bon Jovi cover would be Tokyo Road ,if the prostitution part of the lyrics were not sung.Another fantastic-to-do live song of theirs would be Raise Your Hands (my personal favorite BJ of all time) with “from New Jersey to Tokyo” in the chorus.Are Tokyo Metal Club a band that’s open-minded to the Christian faith?I heard you telling the audience about the Christian Metal of Imari Tones.

    • Tone

      Hi Jon, thank you for watching this live performance movie! I’m glad you enjoy it. Yes Panama it’s a Van Halen song. Tokyo Metal Club was really “multinational” because other than Eiji (Japan), they had Max (USA) on drums (they still do), Kyle (Australia) on bass, and Dana (USA) on vocals. But they had some lineup changes and I had to fill in on vocal duty just temporarily. Luckily Dana is coming back and now they are “80’s metal band fronted by an American singer” again. They are good friends of ours. We haven’t really had a serious discussion about faith but they don’t complain when I talk about being Christian on stage😉

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