Ko And Saori collaboration


Collaboration with Saori Mann from “Ko And Saori”
[The Ticket To Heaven 天国へのキップ Saori Mann x Imari Tones]


Saori is an awesome Japanese Gospel singer based in Tennessee.
We’ve been good friends since Tak met Saori in the USA years ago.
She’s currently back in Japan, trying to reach lost souls in Japan.


It’s been a long time but we saw each other again.
We took this opportunity and did an acoustic session at Shinryu’s dojo.


Just like you see here, Saori is a great blues/Gospel singer. She teams up with a Japanese guitarist Ko Ito, also based in Tennessee, and they have 2 albums released as “Ko And Saori”.


Ko And Saori will stay in Japan until the end of July.
They played a hometown concert in Fukuoka on June 11th.
They also will share their testimony and music at Shirahama Baptist Christ Church (白浜バプテストキリスト教会) in Wakayama on July 23rd.


Please support them!

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Ko And Saori on Spotify


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