Fire Support Thankful


[We want to say thank you]

About 20 days after the fire.
We finally found a new place.
We are in an empty room.

It’s still a small apartment but we feel as if we were in heaven. (A room in heaven?)


This is a small new start but we are feeling something big.

We will make a new album in the church.
Luckily our main guitars and most of the recording equipment are fine. They just need to be cleaned.
They are still stored in the church storage and waiting to be used.

This is something God guided us to do.
We feel very fortunate.


We are an indie band from Japan who plays Christian metal.
Sometimes we ask ourselves why we are doing this, because we are just an obscure indie band in this world.

However we don’t feel it that way anymore.
In the last couple of weeks, we received so much support from you. From our friends and fans.

We are overwhelmed with emotions, very thankful, and very humbled.

We have received so much love and support.
It made our hearts really warm.
We thought, if so many people care about us and our music, maybe we have been doing something right. Maybe our music, we’ve been making and playing all these years, is worth something. If it touches people in a special way. It’s all because of Jesus.


It was really encouraging. And it was really life changing.
Because we are now wanting to serve Jesus more.
We are not bound to those restrictions anymore.
We are more free than ever, because we lost most of our belongings in the fire.

That’s why we moved in to this empty little room.
So that we can serve churches, communities, and the music world more. We have nothing to lose here.
We have to live a new life. We don’t need much because we have Jesus.


Again, we have never felt this much love before.
We are very thankful for your love and support.
We don’t know what to say. Our hearts are filled with gratitude.


Please remember. Even though he doesn’t post too much personal stuff, Shinryu recently has lost someone close to him in his family.
He is still going to visit the USA in July. He will be touring with Funky Sunday Party, a very good friend he made last year.
We can’t wait to see our Samurai drummer rocking in the USA again.

Please pray for Shinryu. So that God’s protection and guidance is upon him.
Because after coming back, we have some other fish to fry. That is a concert in Osaka on August 20th, and recording a new album. (Even though Shinryu will record most of the drum tracks next week.)


As you see, we asked for your help on PayPal and Bandcamp, because we are from Japan and we don’t have access to GoFundMe.

But if we try to be transparent, we have received 399,705 Japanese Yen from 32 persons/groups.
(It’s nearly 3,000 US dollars)

This is surely enough to cover the cost of moving, the cost of disposal of burned stuff.

We are able to rock on and make new music.
Thank you very much!


And please be excited for the new album we are about to make.
We have so many stories to tell!

(We will put your names, all the people who supported us, on the album sleeve. For those supported us on Bandcamp, we probably will send you emails asking names because we only have your usernames.)


Much blessing to you.

In Christ,
June 30th


– We posted on our social media page asking for help but we haven’t posted about it here on our website. But we still want to say thank you.


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