Shinryu Samurai Tour USA 2023


This year we focus on recording a new album. (The title is “Coming Back Alive”) That means there’s no oversea tours.

However Shinryu tours!

Our Samurai Drummer visits the USA soon.
He tours with his best friend Funky Sunday Party.
(They became “buddies” on last year tour.)

You can see his Samurai sword performance, along with his powerful drumming.


They tour with The Extreme Tour and also play some other events around Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Here at the Imari Tones’ headquarter, we (Tak, Marie, and friends) are praying really hard for him.
Because Shinryu can’t really speak English. Can he make it to the USA safely? There will be 2 airplane transfers to the destination. Is he even able to take the correct airplane?

So please you pray for Shinryu, too!😆


Here’s the dates:

Shinryu Samurai Tour in USA (July 2023)

July 16
First Heavy Metal Church of Christ
Dayton OH

July 17-19
The Extreme Tour
Wauseon Michigan

July 20-21
The Extreme Tour
Erie Pennsylvania

July 22
Family First Festival
Erie Pennsylvania

July 22
Soul Fest 2023
St Mary Pennsylvania

July 23
The Extreme Tour
Monroe Michigan

July 24
The Extreme Tour
Muskegon Michigan



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