My tribute to Eddie Van Halen

“5150” Live Without A Net version cover IN JAPANESE – Tribute to Eddie Van Halen

This is my tribute to Eddie Van Halen.
It’s funny it took me so long to do this.


We were trying to do it with our band, but it turned out we were already too busy with our own music. So it ended up Tone’s one-man project.

“Van Halen cover – 5150: Live Without A Net Version – IN JAPANESE LYRICS”


I still remember when I first saw Van Halen’s “Live Without A Net” at a local hardware shop.
It was not only music. It was positive vibe and message of hope, which had always been in their music from first to last. (No matter who the singer was.)

It was one of the moments in my life I felt I was changed by music.

I was especially impressed with this song titled “5150”. Impossible riffs, guitar works, and vocal melodies. This live version was extraordinary.


I always wanted to cover this song.
And the time is now.
After Eddie Van Halen’s passing in October 2020, I knew I had to do it.

For some reasons, I came up with Japanese lyrics. They were written based on the original English lyrics, but with some twists.

So here it is.
5150 – Live Without A Net version – Sung in Japanese


I tried to make it as close as possible to the “Live Without A Net” version.
Guitar is tuned same to the live version, which is half step lower than the “5150” album version.

I wanted to make it “LIVE”, so I sang in a live manner, holding a microphone in my hand. I could not nail it just in one take, so I sang it 2 or 3 times and did some editing. (Hey you know how difficult this song is?) But it is mostly “Live performance in one take”.

So please forgive me for some imperfection and being rough.
Same thing can be said for guitar and drums.


But yes, this is something I had to do.

I hope you feel the positive vibe and enjoy!


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  1. Jon Lockett

    I love the song and this special 3 fold performance.Although I never actually bought any VH stuff back in the day,but I saw them support Bon Jovi in Cardiff 1995.The guitar shredding in this song is quite epic.Your guitar’s color – scheme is “Reef Graduation” right?What’s the make of it?(I’ve been looking at a bass in the same color – scheme body and headstock)

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