Live Streaming Show Aug19/20

We are playing a streaming live show!

Because we need your support!
Because we are a rock band and we play music!

We are touring in the USA in September.
This is our opportunity to demonstrate our Jesus Rock Power!

We want you to experience the very best of Imari Tones, one and only Japanese Christian metal band. (That is actually much more than heavy metal.)


Time (and time difference)
Japan – August 20th Saturday 12PM (noon)
New York – August 19th Friday 11PM
Los Angeles – August 19th Friday 8PM
UTC – August 20th Saturday 3AM


Facebook (Imari Tones band page)


YouTube (Imari Tones)

and possibly Instagram.


Last but not least please support us on Bandcamp!

Because gas price is high and airplane tickets are expensive!
Thank you very much for your support!

CDs, T-shirts, stickers and digital albums available!


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