Tour Announcement USA West Coast – The Extreme Tour 2022


Tour Announcement!

We make it official.
“The Extreme Tour USA West Coast in September 2022”


It’s been a long time since we did something that looked like a “tour”.
But here we are.

Our band is ready. Rocking harder than ever. Playing our classic tunes such as “Faith Rider” and “Repent”, now along with Japanese traditional tunes such as “Passion” and “God Anthem”.


Hopefully we can tour the world more often.
To many places including Asia, Europe, and South America. (We hope God will make that happen.)

But our first step is “The Extreme Tour” in the USA West Coast.

If you know our history, we took part in their tour back in 2012 and we hosted “The Extreme Tour Japan” in 2013-2016. That was a great experience both musically and spiritually.


“The Extreme Tour” is a grass roots Christian music tour. (That’s our understanding.)

It’s a non profit Christian missionary tour that brings Jesus’ message to local communities.

It’s different from regular commercial tour.
All shows will take place at public spaces such as parks and street festivals and they are all free shows.

For that reason, we cannot really say “where” and “what time” until the last moment.
(They will post the location two weeks in advance on The Extreme Tour website.)
But we will try our best to post the information.
(On our social media)

For now, here is the list of the cities we are going to visit.
At this point it looks like we will visit Oregon and Washington state.


XFest NW – Stevenson, WA September 1-4
Bingen, WA September 5-7
Battle Ground, WA September 8-9
Marysville, WA September 10-11
Everett, WA September 12-14
Dallas, OR September 15-16
Salem, OR September 17-18
Redmond, OR September 19-21


For more information visit The Extreme Tour website.

(Also we are trying to book a last minute gig in LA. Fingers crossed.)


Because this is a non profit Christian missionary tour, we don’t get any money from it.

That’s why we have released “To Rome” EP recently.
Please buy “To Rome” on Bandcamp and support us!!
(We appreciate if you pay a little bit more than $5. Thank you!)

T-shirts and stickers are now available too!
(Even though it takes some time for international shipping due to the world situation.)

We appreciate your help, both on the internet and on the road.


Under the current state of the world, things are sometimes unstable and unpredictable.
We really appreciate your prayer, so that we can fulfill this mission.

We really hope we can bring positive message to the world.
And if you are in that area, we hope to see you at one of the shows!


Thank you very much.
God bless you!!



  1. Jon Lockett

    I love the way this news is presented here.I must show it to my good friend Rebekka.She’ll be amused for sure.Very happy for you that you can do this.Fate Gear were scheduled to play Switzerland last spring but I just read the 2 shows were cancelled.Very frustrating that still no tourist from Switzerland can visit Japan,or rather it’s the lack of helpful info (about what the Jap. government’s waiting for) that’s the issue.So literally God only knows when it’ll be back to normal.PS….maybe contact BLOODGOOD from Seattle WA and get to Fellowship with them while in that State.Though I heard Michael was hospitalized recently.He’s part of Calvary Church Redmond.The Senior Pastor I believe.Enjoy the adventure.

    • Tone

      Hi Jon, thank you for the comment. (Again sorry for my late reply.) We all hope the world will be back at normal where we can travel like we used to. I heard about Michael Bloodgood. He is with Jesus now. We all have our mission here on earth. We should tell our message of Love to people. In Jesus’ name. (Tak)

  2. Jon Lockett

    I’m very saddened to hear of Michael’s passing.I’ve been an avid Bloodgood fan since 1996.They remain my top favorite Christian band from 80s era.Michael was an inspiration to me (and many) and always will be.His bass-playing,song-writing,stage presence,sense of humor,and open love for Jesus.It takes something to be (and look) as much of a rocker at almost 70 as at 35.He had all that.Christian Rock’s irreplaceable loss is Heaven’s gain!

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