Official T-shirts finally

We made our official Imari Tones’ T-shirts.

It’s been a very very long time since we made our T-shirts last time.

Last year we made our first ever “official band logo” (in Japanese Kanji characters) and it looks good on T-shirts.

We made Red, Navy Blue, and Royal Blue for XL.

They are available on our Bandcamp page.


International shipping situation is still not good (due to the pandemic).

So it will take some time to arrive. (Because for most part we have to use surface mail.)

But we made “fast shipping” option if needed, which means you can use faster shipping method for extra cost. (It’s on the merch page as one of the items.)


And did we say we also made new band stickers?
We will put a sticker for each merch order.


For T-shirts and merch, we are always looking for a good method for international customers.
At this point we are using Bandcamp, because it’s easy for an indie band like us.

Thank you very much for your support!!


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