“Return To Me” Lyric Video

We just posted a new lyric video on YouTube!


A song from Imari Tones’ new EP “To Rome”.

This song “Return To Me” is based on the Book of Zechariah in the Old Testament.
It features progressive song structure, heavy drumming, and down tuned guitar that sounds a little different from typical modern heavy metal.


This is a lyric video with a lot of photos. We made this video in home made style.

Photos and movies were taken at El Puente, Yokohama, which is our favorite local music venue.
We love this place but there were so many graffities on the wall and sorry if you may not like them. We say sorry if you don’t like them. (After all we play Christian music in the secular local scene in Japan.)


Please visit our Bandcamp page and buy “To Rome” EP!


Thank you very much for your support!!
God bless you!!


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