Live Stream from Shibuya


We did a live stream show on August 20th (while it was still August 19th in the other half of the world).

Again thank you very much to our friends and fans, who joined it live and supported us!


Because we were playing, we could not really respond to your messages right away. But when we saw all the comments and messages, we were very much moved and encouraged. Thank you very much for your warm and kind support. It means so much to a band like us. (We are an indie band from Japan.)


As a band, our performance is getting better and better.
We are confident that now we are the best version of Imari Tones, especially as a live band.

At the same time, as you can see we are doing things in DIY style. While this is so much fun, we are thinking about getting a better production next time.


Set List (August 20th, 2022, Streaming Show from Shibuya)

Opening: Shinryu’s Sword performance
1. Repent
2. Faith Rider
3. Not Of This World
Marie’s talk
4. The Garden
5. Redemption
Tone’s skateboard talk
6. Jee-You
7. Karma Flower
8. Passion


When we watched the archive, we found YouTube had the best camera frame and the best sound (raw yet balanced) thanks to the AKG live streaming microphone.


You can watch it here.



It’s still a new experience for us to play streaming shows on the internet.
But we are seeing much possibility. Because we can design our own show and put our sincere message in it.

Maybe can we play Metaverse concerts in the near future?
(Reminder: because our NFT project is still on)


We know we should tour the world and we want to meet more people.
We want to bring our message, more importantly God’s love, to more people more places.
We hope God will make it possible.


Our sincere thanks and blessing to you all!

Tone, Marie, Shinryu / Imari Tones / Japan


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