Help needed for guitar repair fee



Help needed for Tak’s guitar repair fee!



Now we are on tour, that is The Extreme Tour, very unique grass roots style Christian missionary tour. Visiting local towns in the USA (this time North West region) and reach our for lost souls, with help from local churches.

It’s a tough tour, because it’s a non-profit missionary work. We are serious about this mission and we don’t hesitate to sacrifice our time and money.


However we have to ask for your help.

During the flight from Tokyo to Los Angeles, on August 29th, my guitar (Hamer Flying V) was broken at its headstock. It happens because sometimes baggages are handled roughly at airport and during flight. But it was my first time to experience this type of accident in spite of having flown with my guitars many times in the past.

We had another flight from Los Angels to Portland OR, on August 30th, but luckily the guitar wasn’t damaged further.


We had only 2 days in Portland OR before the tour begins, so I had to act quickly.
I made phonecalls from the Portland Airport and first person responded was James at Portland Guitar Repair. I took a Taxi to his repair shop and told him we needed to get it fixed very quick.
He did a very good job, even with his busy schedule, and the guitar was fixed the next day.


It took me 250 US dollars, because it was express.
Considering Japanese Yen exchange rate going down rapidly, this was a big expense on our tour budget.


Here I humbly ask for your help – for the cost of this guitar repair.


I considered using GoFundMe but their service is unavailable for Japanese at this point.

Instead I found PayPal.Me.
That is also an easy way to receive money.

You can help us with this link, if you have a PayPal account.


Any small amount counts.
Like I said Yen-Dollar exchange rate is going down rapidly and that is damaging our tour budget a lot.

If you don’t have a PayPal, you can also help us with Bandcamp. Because you can pay as much as you want for our music there.

(Currently T-shirts/CDs are not available because we are on tour.)


Also a big shoutout to James at Portland Guitar Repair, who fixed my guitar very quickly and made it possible for us to tour. For us it was really a help from God.

Thank you very much for your support.

Tak Nakamine / Imari Tones


(I forgot to take pictures of broken headstock, because I was in a hurry, but here are some pictures we took at the repair shop after it’s fixed.)

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