Thank you from Narita airport


Here’s what we posted on our facebook/instagram on September 26 from Narita airport.

We want to say thank you for your support on this tour. (The Extreme Tour 2022, West coast USA)

Hello world,
Imari Tones here.
We are back in Japan
Now we are at Narita airport, Chiba, Japan
The Extreme Tour 2022 was awesome
The tour was successful, thank you very much!
It’s been exactly 4weeks since we left Japan and now we are back.

So many things have happened.
So many things happened on this tour.
Spirit was moving and we felt God’s guidance all the time.

Guitar broken on airplane and fixing it
Seeing a movie producer in Los Angeles and meeting many people at the party
Meeting Japanese musician in Portland OR
Playing Fire Fest for the first time in 10 years and still recognizing many people

Working together with The Extreme Tour team and other musicians
Playing shows at skateparks
Playing shows in small towns
Singing songs about freedom
Telling people how to say freedom in Japanese

Teaching martial arts to American kids, teaching Aikido moves
Shinryu doing Samurai sword performance at each show
Falling hard on skateboard and hurting my left hand, still playing guitar

Showting “Jesus Loves You” at each show
Declaring Jesus name in the land of the rising sun and USA
And most importantly we rocked hard and melted people’s faces, made everyone smile and happy

We saw miracles happen, we saw people changed, we saw God touch people through music and prayer

We received so much support from so many people, and we can’t be thankful enough.
Thank you very much for your support,
Thank you very much for this awesome journey,
And thank you Jesus for guiding us

We will keep on rocking for you, we will keep on rocking for Jesus

Now we are back in Japan and going home, take some rest, and we will post movies and photos.
We can’t wait to share the excitement, can’t wait to tell you what happened,
But again let us just say Thank You Very Much!!

God bless you
See you soon!!


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