Shinryu’s Samurai Sword


Meet Shinryu – a real demon slayer in Christian metal

One of the highlights from our “The Extreme Tour” performance was Shinryu’s sword performance.

There are some background stories for it.
Shinryu could not bring his Iai sword from Japan, because it was impossible to carry it on an airplane even though it doesn’t have a real edge.

After we joined the tour team, the members of The Extreme Tour made a sword from a bamboo tiki torch and gave it to Shinryu. In spite of being made on the spot, the bamboo sword was a perfect fit for his Iai moves. Shinryu was amazed and moved by this gift and he decided to do sword performance just like he did in Japan.

As a result, Shinryu did this sword performance at the beginning of each show on The Extreme Tour. It’s a declaration of spiritual warfare, and it means victory over the devil. For Shinryu, this bamboo sword was a spirit sword. It was a prayer in the form of martial arts.

Now back in Japan, Shinryu wants to show the world his real deal performance, with his Iai sword and Samurai outfit, in a Japanese garden of Tokyo. It’s a message for Faith Warriors, showing the fighting spirit for Christian Samurais. It’s also his gratitude for our friends at The Extreme Tour and all the people we met on the tour.

Shinryu says he was changed by the experience of this Christian missionary tour. We saw God’s hands moving for him and we saw him changed day by day. He is now bigger and stronger, not only as a musician but also a martial artist.

Japanese Samurai – Christian Faith – Heavy Metal Music

We can’t wait to see awesome things to come for Shinryu, one of a kind warrior for God from Japan.


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