“The Garden” commentary

“The Garden” commentary: Salvation song, fun stories, toy gun and acoustic live

We made a commentary video!!


We released the new music video called “The Garden”.
It’s a romantic love song based on the notion of salvation in Christianity.

It’s a complicated song and the story of music video is also not straightforward.
So we thought we could give you some explanation.


Here it is. We made a commentary video for “The Garden”.

How the video shooting went, favorite scenes, and the background stories behind the song lyrics.

We show you some of the stuff we used in the video, such as model-gun (Japanese toy gun) and cheap cigar. Marie shows her white dress and does some funny actions.

We also played an acoustic version of “The Garden” live.


It’s all in Japanese language (because we are a Japanese band), but we put subtitles.

Fun and good vibe overall.
We hope you enjoy it.


Last but not least
“The Garden” music video is here!!



  1. Jon Lockett

    I love this Video all through!!I really enjoy the detailed descriptions,Humor,honesty,and Christian love vibe.Nice acoustic Performance too.Ha,the cigar!I remember Smoking one when I was 16.Thinking to look like George Peppard in The A Team .BUT nobody had told me not to inhale.I thought it was right to inhale the smoke like a cigarette.I did,and began to feel terrible.Broke out in a horrible cold sweat and thought I was gonna throw up!Thankfully I controlled it and got home okay to the hostel.Oh one of those unforgettable things you learn as a Teenager!Thanks for this great Video.

    • Tone

      Hi Jon, thank you very much! I’m glad you liked the video. I’m glad you mentioned the cigar. We all have these funny and ridiculous stories from our younger days. I guess that’s how you learn what is good and what is not for you. We are going to release another video for another ballad song soon. Keep on rocking!! For Jesus!!

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