Do You Love Me (KISS) Christian Cover


We made a video of a cover song.

This is a cover version of a KISS song “Do You Love Me” by Imari Tones, Japanese Christian metal band.
Maybe less popular than “Detroit Rock City” but this is a song from their “Destroyer” (1976) album.


Here is the story.
Our new drummer Koji is a big fan of KISS. He wanted to do a cover song and this particular song was his favorite.
It’s a great song but when we checked the lyrics (hint: we are not English speakers), we found out it’s not really suitable for playing in church concerts.

So we decided to change some of the words. Because Jesus asked Peter “Do you love me?” 3 times after he was resurrected.(John 21:15-17)

Our English might not be perfect but we hope you enjoy and we hope this will make you smile;)


Some people say KISS is satanic. I don’t know if that is true but they are definitely a great band. But we are glad we could take this song and turn into a Christian version.

In anyway, we believe “God gave Rock’n’roll to you”!! (Yep, KISS played that song, too.)





  1. Anderson Ramalho

    God Gave Rock’n Roll to you is a song from Petra, they gave it as a gift to Gene Simmons who was a big friend of the band at the time, did you know that?

    • Tone

      Hi Anderson-kun. I love the Petra version, too. I think it’s originally a song written by a British band called Argent (I just checked the Wikipedia). But I didn’t know Petra and Gene Simmons were friends! That’s a surprise!

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