“Lord’s Prayer” New Single


This song will change the world!!
and quite possibly change your life!!

Today our new song “Lord’s Prayer” is released. (June 18th)

Lyric video on YouTube: Experience the holy progressive!


This is an super epic song from our upcoming “Nabeshima” album.

When a Christian band calls their song “Lord’s Prayer”, it’s got to be very good but we are confident this song is very special.

You can call it progressive, funky, jazzy, etc.
Honestly we don’t know how to describe it.
But it’s a shower of holy sound and Godly light.


The song is also on Spotify, Apple Music and other places.
(Release date June 18th)



Apple Music


Pre-order “Nabeshima” album.
It’s a 2CD double album with 24 songs.
We are confident this album will be a classic worth having in a physical form.

(International shipping included)


We can’t wait for you to hear the Nabeshima album, because this is the best thing we have ever done!


Thank you very much for your support.
God bless you!!


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